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commercials / print ads

Janssen did several filmed, audio, and print endorsements during his career. Some were compensated, others charitable endeavors.

Filmed TV Commercials



These were done in the late 50's during the RICHARD DIAMOND success. They are rhyming and not known to exist.


Your wrist will look well,
when you wear a Speidel.
Yes, your hand will look grand,
with a Speidel band.


When Lorillard sponsored the RICHARD DIAMOND series, Janssen did on-camera ads "in character" wearing his black fedora. His pitch would end with his lighting a cigarette and this segued into the end credits. One, from season three, began "The payoff in my work is finding out the facts ..." and continued with Janssen singing Kent's praises.


Janssen did several pitches for this organization over the years. A 20-second ad done during RICHARD DIAMOND exists with collectors, and he did another during the shooting of THE FUGITIVE.


Janssen filmed an ad on THE FUGITIVE set on August 3, 1964. Not known how this was used.


Janssen's most seen endorsements were a result of a contract with Bristol-Myers which began in late 1969 and worth approximately $60,000. Several different commercials and a print ad tie-in ran in 1970-1971. Consumers Reports challenged the claims that were being made in August 1971 and Ralph Nader jumped on the bandwagon. NBC then refused to air Janssen's ads. Janssen said publicly (in a TV Guide article), "I don't care what they say, it works." Some correctional/rebuttal ads were filmed. Another campaign of ads ran in late 1975-early 1976.

Known versions:

1 all in close-up which begins "I've been telling you...."
1 which starts with Janssen coming down stairs in a house.
1 with Janssen starting behind a desk, past a fireplace, and into a close-up.
1 with a slow zoom into a close-up with a bookcase in the background.
1 filmed in a hotel suite which begins "This is where it all happened at a medical convention right here in Atlantic City...."

JAPANESE ADS (late 1976)

Janssen flew to Tokyo in late 1976 to do some commercial work. It is not certain what the product was thought it might have been for a contract he had with Melbo, a clothing manufacturer.

Radio Commercials



Sponsored by the American Heritage Foundation - year unknown. Exists at the Museum of Television and Radio. (10 seconds)


Walt Disney was chairman for this campaign for the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness.  Educational 30-second spots were recording using a great many "outstanding radio. television, stage, and screen" talents for September's National Sight-saving Month, though it was encouraged they be used "throught the year."

Put on an LP and distributed to radio stations, Janssen read the following copy:

"Are you one of the millions on Americans who wear glasses? Uh, this is David Janssen reminding you that ordinary eye glasses are an accident (set?) for your eyes. Strong shatter-resistant safety lenses combine protection with correction to shield your eyes against hazards at home, at play, and at work. So don't risk blindness in an eye accident. Get safety glasses today. For more information on eye safety write the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness, Box 426, New York, 19, New York."

Exists at the Library of Congress. (control number 9770043)

Print Ads

Janssen in the Excedrin ad     Janssen in the National Guard ad


As a teenager Janssen did some work for Dorothy Preble, who ran a big modeling agency in Los Angeles the 1940’s. For example, he did a college-themed ad for Rexall Drugs in March 1948. These were most likely printed in newspapers.


In 1966 Janssen did a photo shoot for photographer Leigh Wiener which may have been intended as a campagn for the apparel company that shared a name with the actor (though spellled differently). It is not known if these were utilized. May have been thru the Fuller Smith & Ross ad agency.


As spokesperson in1970-71 and 1975-76, a print ad campaign was tied into the TV commercials which were airing.


Janssen did print ads and recruiting posters for this organization.


Janssen had contract with this Osaka-based company in the 1970’s modeling their suits.



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