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TV - Dramatic guest appearances (film)

In airdate order


Airdate Network Series / Episode Title Character
CONFLICT "The Money" Sid Lukes
ZANE GREY THEATRE  "There Were Four" Danny Ensign
YOU ARE THERE  "The End Of The Dalton Gang" Grat Dalton
A TURN OF FATE/ALCOA THEATRE  "Cupid Wore A Badge" Mike Harper
THE MILLIONAIRE  "Regina Wainwright" Peter Miller
ZANE GREY THEATRE  "Trial By Fear" Tod Owen
ALCOA THEATRE  "Decoy Duck" Jim McCandless
THE MILLIONAIRE  "David Barrett" David Barrett
ZANE GREY THEATRE  "Trail To Nowhere" Seth Larker
ZANE GREY THEATRE  "Hang The Heart High" Dix Porter
WESTINGHOUSE DESILU PLAYHOUSE  "Two Counts Of Murder" Ross Ingraham
DEATH VALLEY DAYS  "Deadline At Austin" Dr. Bill Breckenridge
NAKED CITY  "A Wednesday Night Story" Blair Cameron
ADVENTURES IN PARADISE  "Show Me A Hero" Scotty Bell
TARGET: THE CORRUPTORS  "The Middleman" Robbie Allison
G.E. THEATER  "Shadow Of A Hero" Pat Howard
FOLLOW THE SUN  "A Choice Of Weapons" Johnny Sadowsky
CHECKMATE  "Ride A Wild Horse" Len Kobalsky
CAIN'S HUNDRED  "Inside Track" Dan Mullin
ROUTE 66  "One Tiger To A Hill" Karno
THE ELEVENTH HOUR  "Make Me A Place" Hal Kincaid
THE DICK POWELL THEATRE  "Thunder In A Forgotten Town" Ken Morgan
NAKED CITY  "On The Battle Front: Every Minute Is Important" Carl Ashland
CANNON  "He Who Digs A Grave" Ian Kirk
POLICE STORY  "Trigger Point" Sgt. Joe Wilson



Show Details


YOU ARE THERE "The End Of The Dalton Gang"

Broadcast date: 5/12/57 630-7p (1/2 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: Graf Dalton
Production #: unknown

On 10/5/1892, the Dalton Boys, Bob, Graf, and Emmett ride back into their hometown of Coffeyville KS after 3 years of robbery and lawlessness in the West. The trio intends to victimize the unsuspecting people of the small town, but they underestimate the courage of their farmer neighbors.

An anthology based on historical incidents. Walter Cronkite narrated.
Shooting date approximately August 1956.



Director: William D. Russell
Producer: James Fonda
Teleplay: Jack Bennett

Guest cast:
Ron Hargrave (Bob Dalton)
JANSSEN (Graf Dalton)
Tyler MacDuff (Emmett Dalton)
Myron Healey (Dick Broadwell)
James Anderson (Bill Powers)

James Bell (Isham)

Malcolm Atterbury (Geoge Cubine)

Wright King (Charley Ball)

Herbert Butterfield (Frank Benson)

Roy Engel (Charley Gump)

Phil Chambers (Marshal Connelly)

Kay Kuter (John Kloehr)

Sarah Selby (Mrs. Haskins)

Paula Winslowe (the Woman)

Robert Hyatt (the Boy)

CONFLIFT "The Money"

Broadcast date: 2/19/57 7:30-8:30p (1 hour)
Network: ABC
Production #: 6253

Part was of a kidnapper whose $150,000 in collected ransom money is lifted by a pretty girl (Kathy Nolan) who helps him back to his hotel room after drinking too much in his celebration.

Show was a dramatic anthology with no recurring cast.

This episode filmed in December 1956. Janssen was paid $500 for his work on it.

Script described his role as being "a man in his early 30's, slender, medium height, the fast-talking "sharpy' type".

He still had his mustache from LAFAYETTE ESCADRILE completed 3 weeks earlier.

Harold Stine, the cameraman. photographed Janssen's first Universal screen test 5 years earlier.

Roy Huggins who would later create "The Fugitive" produced and 1st worked with Janssen on this show.

This program is available for viewing thru UCLA's Film and Television Archive (reference VA22029)



Director: Walter Doniger
Executive Producer: William T. Orr
Producer: Roy Huggins
Teleplay: Howard Browne
Camera: Harold Stine, ASC
Supervising Film Editor: James Moore

Film Editor: Robert Watts

Guest cast:
Charles McGraw (Korshak)
Peggy Castle (Lila Prescott)
John Smith (Jeff Brady)

and (end credits):
Kathy Nolan (April)
Andrew Duggan (Michael Austin)
JANSSEN (Sid Lukes)
Charles Meredith (Kelvin Frome)
John Gallaudet (Robert Terrill)
Carlyle Mitchell (Ferguson)
June Blair (Blonde)
Robert Carson (Richard Kendahl)
Louise Lane (Policewoman)


Barry Brooks, Lovyss Bradley, Tom Daly, Helen Heigh, Nancy Marlow,

John McKee, Dale Van Sickel



Broadcast date: 3/15/57 (1/2 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: Danny Ensign
Production #: 9446

A young man vows to get revenge on a wealthy rancher. He uses lawless methods because he regards an outlaw he knows as a hero. These methods, however, result in his being involved in a rustling scheme which he hadn't anticipated.

Is shot and killed by his father played by Dean Jagger.

Janssen filmed this in January 1957, several weeks before beginning production on the first season of his first starring series RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE DETECTIVE.


Director: Christian Nyby
Producer: Hal Hudson
Teleplay: Berne Giler
Story: Steve Frazee

Guest cast:
John Derek (Andy Todd)
Dean Jagger (Bert)
JANSSEN (Danny Ensign)
James Gavin (Dutch)
Dick Rich (Campion)
Grant Withers (Sheriff Metz)
Jimmy Komack (Whitey)
Kenneth McDonald (Jury Foreman)


Broadcast date: 12/16/57 930-10p (1/2 hour)
Network: NBC
Role: Mike Harper
Production #: unknown

Kathy Dorn is a policewoman who is not afraid of taking risks. Her boyfriend Mike Harper disapproves of her job, but he becomes involved in one of her assignments.

Series was an anthology from Four Star, the producing entity of Janssen's series RICHARD DIAMOND.

Jane Powell was one of 5 rotating stars who headlined shows along with David Niven, Robert Ryan,Jack Lemmon, and Charles Boyer.

Janssen filmed this in November of 1957, the last of 3 shows he did during the 5 month hiatus between the 1st and 2nd season of the series.



Director: Byron Haskin
Producer: Robert Fellows
Teleplay: Leon Ware
Camera: Guy Roe
Editor: Samuel Beetley

Guest cast:
Jane Powell (Kathy Dorn)
JANSSEN (Mike Harper)
James Flavin (Gavin Marshall)
Craig Duncan (Chief)
Marjorie Bennett
John Cliff

THE MILLIONAIRE "Regina Wainwright"

Broadcast date: 12/25/57 9p-930p (1/2 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: Peter Miller
Production #: 8136

A young woman who supports her invalid mother falls in love and plans to marry. When the mother receives the check from Michael Anthony, she determines to breakup her daughter's romance.

Janssen played an engineer.
Janssen filmed this in late October 1957, the first of 3 shows he did during the 5 month hiatus between the 1st and 2nd season of the RICHARD DIAMOND series.
Producer Fedderson would, after Janssen's FUGITIVE fame, buy the actor's Trousdale Estate home in 1967.



Director: James Sheldon
Producer: Don Fedderson
Teleplay: Jerry Adelman

Series regular:
Marvin Miller (Michael Anthony)

Guest cast:
Frieda Inescort (Regina Wainwright)
Marcia Henderson (Margaret)
JANSSEN (Peter Miller)
Hanley Stafford (Col. Farnsworth)
John Beresford


Broadcast date: 1/10/58 (1/2 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: Tod Owen
Production #: 8424

A gunslinger, Tod Owen, is placed on trail for murder. Although the rest of the jury believes the man is guilty, one juror believes him innocent. But before the jury can return its non-guilty verdict, the gunman escapes..

Janssen filmed this Four Star series in early November 1957, the second of 3 shows he did during the 5 month hiatus between the 1st and 2nd season of the RICHARD DIAMOND series.

Janssen is killed by Robert Ryan in this episode.

Hosted by Dick Powell.



Director: James Sheldon
Producer: Hal Hudson
Teleplay: Arthur Dales
Camera: Guy Roe
Editor: Chandler House


Guest cast:
Robert Ryan (Cob Oakley)
Harold J. Stone (Tuphill)
Ed Platt (Sheriff Galt)
Raymond Bailey (Baker)
Russ Thorson (Mason)
Thomas Wilde (Walsh)
Joe Perry (Riggs)
Kelly Thorosen (Price)
Dick Crockett (Clagg)
JANSSEN (Tod Owen)


Broadcast date: 6/30/58 930-10p (1/2 hour)
Network: NBC
Role: Jim McCandless
Production #: unknown

While touring South Africa attractive Susan Martin attempts to smuggle 2 small diamonds as a joke. But the authorities find the gems as she is leaving Capetown and she is arrested. She is then given the choice of either going to jail, or acting as a decoy in an attempt to track down a gang of diamond smugglers.

Janssen plays a Canadian adventurer suspected of smuggling diamonds and shares a few screen kisses with Jane Powell in this episode. The ending has him revealed to be arrested and in cuffs. His arresting officer gives him a cigarette. This idea will coincidentally be used in the weekly opening of the FUGTIVE in the next decade.

Janssen filmed this in late April/early May 1958, soon after winding the 2nd season of the RICHARD DIAMOND series. This was a Four Star show, makers of his TV series.

This program is available for viewing thru UCLA's Film and Television Archive (reference VA22031)



Director: Robert Florey
Producer: Vincent M. Fennelly
Teleplay: John Robinson and Frederic Brady
Story: Robert Standish
Camera: George Diskant, ASC
Editor: Chandler House

Production Executive: Frank Baur


Guest cast:
Jane Powell (Susan Martin)

JANSSEN (Jim McCandless)
Berry Kroeger (Reginald Kittering)
Michael Pate (Bert Landon)

John O'Malley (Official-uncredited)
Laurie Mitchell (Millie-uncredited)
Norm Alden (Mike-uncredited)
Thom Conroy (man-uncredited)

aka "Turkey Farmers"

Broadcast date: 9/16/58
Network: syndicated
Role: Arnie Hix
Production #: unknown

Synopsis not available.

Produced by Desilu Productions in association with National Telefilm Associates (NTA).
Shooting date unknown.



Director: Paul Guilfoyle
Producer: Mort Briskin
Teleplay: Bill Barrett

Series regular:
John Bromfield (Marshall Frank Morgan)

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (Arnie Hix)
Jan Harrison (Kathy Ranker)
Peter Breck (Doyle Ranker)
Dorothy Adams (Grace Ranker)
Robert Brubaker (Deputy Blake)
Dennis Moore (Deputy Keeshen)


Broadcast date: 10/1/58 9-930p (1/2 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: David Barrett
Production #: 5260

A college student falls in love and plans to be married, but her father, a prosperous farmer, opposes the match unless the young man can prove that he is able to support the girl. Then Michael Anthony gives the $1 million check...

Janssen did this work in August 1958 in the weeks just prior to his wedding to Ellie Graham.
Filmed at Four Star's Fox-Western Studios facilities.



Director: James Sheldon
Producer: Don Fedderson
Teleplay: Jack Laird and Wilton Schiller
Story: Jerry Adelman

Series regular:
Marvin Miller (Michael Anthony)

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (David Barrett)
Thorin Thatcher ( MacIntyre)
Dorothy Provine (Rosemary MacIntyre)
Kenneth L. Smith (Gentry)
Gil Perkins (1st stuntman / uncredited)
Fred Klone (2nd stuntman / uncredited)

ZANE GREY THEATRE "Trail To Nowhere"

Broadcast date: 10/2/58 9-930p (1/2 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: Seth Larker
Production #: 6504

Julie Holman swears vengeance when her husband is murdered. Suspecting Carl Benson, a man with whom her husband has quarreled, Julie rides out to his ranch. She finds out Benson has disappeared and sets out to track him down. Dick Powell hosts.

Janssen filmed this in early June 1958, soon after winding the 2nd season of the RICHARD DIAMOND series.
This was the opening episode for season 3 of the series.
Janssen received 2nd billing to Barbara Stanwyck in this episode. It featured a mudfight between the two actors which ended with Stanwyck shooting Janssen.



Director: William Dario Faralla
Producer: Hal Hudson
Teleplay: Aaron Spelling

Guest cast:
Barbara Stanwyck (Julie Holman)
JANSSEN (Seth Larker)
Richard Shannon (Sid Holman)
Stephen Chase (Sheriff Sam Gilford)
Paul Genge (Carl Benson)
Guy Wilkerson (Jeb Marcus / uncredited)
Ian MacDonald (Leeds / uncredited)
Willian Quinn (Les Manson / uncredited)
Allen Pinson (Raoul / uncredited)
Irene Calvillo (Macala / uncredited)

ZANE GREY THEATRE "Hang the Heart High"

Broadcast date: 1/15/59 9-930p (1/2 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: Dix Porter
Production #: 6532

Regan Moore, discontented with her marriage, attracts the love of a gunman. Feeling sure of the gunman's love, she tries to persuade him to kill her husband.

Janssen again received 2nd billing to Barbabra Stanwyck (in the main titles in smaller type).
This was a re-teaming for the two actors after their recent Trail To Nowhere episode.
Filmed at 4 Star on their Fox-Western facilities in December 1958.



Director: William Dario Faralla
Producer: John McGreevey
Teleplay: Hal Hudson

Guest cast:
Barbara Stanwyck (Regan Moore)
JANSSEN (Dix Porter)
Paul Richards (Jed Moore)
John Anderson (Marshall Cal Lazenby)
Lane Bradford (Ben Barrett)
Margarita Cordova (Serafina / uncredited)
Frank Harding (True Wessels / uncredited)


Broadcast date: 8/10/59 10-11p (1 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: Ross Ingraham
Production #: 5101-27

Synopsis not available.

Janssen played a DA in a Southern city whose political career is placed in jeopardy.
Filmed at Desilu in late June 1959 immediately after returning from summmer stock (MR. ROBERTS) in Dayton, Ohio, and before the Cincinnati run of the same play----all during the hiatus between the 3rd and final season of RICHARD DIAMOND.



Director: Robert Ellis Miller
Producer: Devery Freeman
Teleplay: Hank Denker

Guest cast:
Raymond Massey (Amos Claypool)
JANSSEN (Ross Ingraham)
co-starring Whitney Blake (Amy Claypool)
Robert Emhardt (Ed Hoxey)

William Allyn (Phillip Claypool)

James Bell (Alex)

Lawrence Dobkin (Dave Harris)

Irma Hurley (Sarah Vance)

George Mitchell (Charlie Vance)

Cindy Robbins (Sally Ann Reed)

Ray Teal (Sheriff Blaney)

DEATH VALLEY DAYS "Deadline At Austin"

Broadcast date: 1/29/61 (1/2 hour)
Network: syndicated
Role: Dr. Bill Breckenridge
Production #: 612

The governor of Nevada is bent on getting even with the whole town of Austin because its mayor once insulted him.

Janssen received the only main title billing for this episode.
Filming date: late August 1960

Script at UCLA dated 8-11-60.



Director: James Sheldon
Producer: Nat Perrin
Teleplay: Ray Buffum

Series regular:

Stanley Andrews (Host, the Old Ranger)

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (Dr. Bill Breckenridge)
Jan Harrison (Ruth Woodruff)
Harry Shannon (Horace Woodruff)
Alden 'Stephen' Chase (Gov. Lambert)
William Boyett (M.J. Farrell)
Bob Wiensted (Ray Miller)
Tom Vize (Guy Smith)

NAKED CITY "A Wednesday Night Story"
shooting title: "A Swedish Jewel"

Broadcast date: 11/1/61 10-11p (1 hour)
Network: ABC
Role: Blair Cameron
Production #: 4144 (California), 205 (NY)

A small boy's governess tells Parker of severe marital discord in the home where she works, and that during the couple's last fight, she heard gunshots. Laying suspicion on the wife, the governess then runs into the husband's arms, and he persuades her to help him kill his wife so they can be together.

Story supervisor and co-writer of this episode, Howard Rodman, created Harry O.
This episode was shot in New York City in late August 1961.
Janssen's character was originally called 'Cunningham' in the script - a wealthy frozen food magnate.



Director: Arthur Hiller
Producer: Herbert B. Leonard
Teleplay: Jerome Ross and Howard Rodman
Story: Jerome Ross

Series regulars:
Paul Burke (Det. Adam Flint)
Horace McMahon (Lt. Mike Parker)
Harry Bellaver (Frank Arcaro)
Nancy Malone (Libby)

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (Blair Cameron)
Ulla Jacobsson (Karen Gunnarson)
Constance Ford (Rhonda Cameron)
Murray Matheson (Colley)
Sorrell Brooke (Private Detective)
Tommy Battreall (Danny Cameron)
Bjorn Koeford (Vice-consul)
Matt Crowley (Deputy Commissioner)
Ernest Graves (Lawyer)
Edward Mourehouse (Desk Clerk / uncredited)
Mary Hayden (Maid / uncredited)
Noam Pitlik (Arresting Attorney / uncredited)
Carol Fenner (Secretary / uncredited)


Broadcast date: 11/5/61 10-11p (1 hour)
Network: ABC
Role: Scotty
Production #: 5510

Adam hires an old war buddy named Scotty Bell and hires him as a temporary deck hand.

Filmed at 20th Century-Fox studios in September 1961.
In this show Janssen gets the girl in the end.



Director: Mitchel Leisen
Executive Producer: William Self
Producer: Gene Levitt
in charge of production: Roy Huggins
Teleplay: William Link and Richard Levinson

Series regulars:
Gardner McKay (Capt. Adam Troy)
Guy Stockwell (Chris Parker)
James Holden (Clay Baker)

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (Scotty Bell)
George Macready (Shepherd)
Robert Foulk (Harris)
Arthur Batanides (Brimmer)
Steve Baylor (Ross)
Mar'ye Ayres (Girl in Apartment)
and Nina Shipman (Gail Shepherd)


Broadcast date: 2/2/62 10-11p (1 hour)
Network: ABC
Role: Robbie Allison
Production #: 4529

The very absence of any apparent trouble or bickering between a furniture manufacturing firm and its employees' union makes Marino suspicious. He investigates the possibility of an illegal contract that would deprive the workers of their rights.

A Four Star Production. Shot early-mid October 1961 most likely at Republic.
Janssen received the only main title guest star billing.

In script he is described as follows:  Consider now ROBERT ALLISON, seated alone, almost forlorn looking at the end of the room, in a chair away from any other piece of furniture. To be noted about him: mis-thirties and boyish-looking, which is the key. There is in him a flaw, something darkling and perverse and completely amoral, so that his viciousness is really without guile -- although replete with trickery he is probably amazed that people can be so easily destroyed, people and ideals.bA button-down visage he presents his clothing and demeanor, he's something out of a velour jungle.

Diana Millay, see photo right, states that her role of a rich tormented alcoholic was one of her favorite parts. She went on to write a cookbook "I'd Rather Eat Than Act" which contains recipes from her co-stars, including one she received from Janssen during the shooting of this episode."David Janssen's turkey toss" is his pot pie recipe which he claims is tasty because he uses the drippings (aka the fat).



diana millayDirector: David Alexander
Producer: John Burrows and Leonard Ackerman
Teleplay: Morton Fine and David Friedkin

Series Regulars:
Stephen McNally (Paul Marino)
Robert Harland (Jack Flood)

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (Robbie Allison)
with Vaughn Taylor (Wilson)
Edward W. Holmes (Sherman Hollis)
Pamela Curran
Dennis Cross
and Diana Millay as Patricia Wilson.
Will Corry (Sidney / uncredited)

G.E. THEATER "Shadow Of A Hero"

Broadcast date: 2/4/62 9-930p (1/2 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: Pat Howard
Production #: unknown

Pat Howard is the basketball coach at Haynes High-and also teaches science classes. When hoop star Gregg Foster skips practice to study for a science exam, Howard angrily makes it clear to the boys which subject is of greater importance.

Shot at Revue Studios.
Filmed in late October 1961.



Director: Hershal Daugherty
Producer: Stanley Rubin
Teleplay: Robert Dozier
Story: William Clotworthy

Guest cast:
Ronald Reagan (Frank Foster)
JANSSEN (Pat Howard)
Arlene Whelan (Eve Foster)
Charles Robinson (Gregg Foster)
Nelson Olmsted (J.D. Evans)
Tom Franklin (Jim Blaine)
John Jacobs (Cy Hamilton)
Olan Soulé (Jack Townsend)
Harvey Stephens (George Crandall)
Marianna Case (Joanie)
John Mauldin (Tom Kane)

FOLLOW THE SUN "A Choice Of Weapons"

Broadcast date: 2/25/62 730-830p (1 hour)
Network: ABC
Role: Johnny Sadowski/Johnny Simmons
Production #: 5623

After rising young boxer Johnny Sadowski racks up another win, his manager hints that maybe they're ready for the big time. But Johnny has other plans; he's quitting the ring for good to attend college.

Filmed in January 1962 for and at 20th Century-Fox TV.

Jansen had 2 physique-revealing boxing scenes in the show including one which starts the episode.

This program is available for viewing thru UCLA's Film and Television Archive (reference VA22030)



Director: Alexander Singer
Producer: Anthony Wilson
Teleplay: Judith George and George W. George

Series regulars:

Gary Lockwood (featured in this episode)

Barry Coe and Brett Halsey (2 freelance magazine writers)
Gigi Perreau

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (Johnny Sadowski/Simmons)
Anne Helm (Ann Malcolm)

and (end titles):
Jackie Coogan (Lew Dobber)

Ned Glass (Phil Collins)
Max Baer Jr. (Tom Bayler)

Alex Gerry (Professor Franklin)
Michael Fox (Ernie Glazer)

John Indrisano (Sonny Kingston)

CHECKMATE "Ride A Wild Horse"

Broadcast date: 4/4/62 830-930p (1 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: Len Kobalsky
Production #: unknown

Wealthy Marcy Woodruff is in love with Len Kobalsky, a rodeo star, but her brother Phil (Robert Colbert) is opposed to the match. In fact, he is so opposed he tries to run Len down with a car.

Filmed at Revue Studios in December 1961.



Director: Byron Paul
Producer: Dick Berg
Teleplay: Harold Jack Bloom and Dick Nelson
Story: Harold Jack Bloom

Series regulars:
Anthony George (Don Corey)
Doug McClure (Jed Sills)
Sebastian Cabot (Carl Hyatt)

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (Len Kobalsky)
Tom Reese (Bucky Tate)
Robert Colbert (Phil Lowell)
Ed Peck (Ernie)
Donald Barry (Kyle Horgan)
Ben Wright (the Attendant)
Charles Macaulay (Alan)
Roy Engle (the deputy)
Roy Jenson (Fritzi Miller)
and Suzanne Lloyd (Marcy Woodruff)

CAIN'S HUNDRED "Inside Track"
shooting title: "The Lobbyist"

Broadcast date: 4/10/62 10-11p (1 hour)
Network: NBC
Role: Dan Mullin
Production #: 6440

Wealthy horseman Charles Dennis has decided the only way to fight racetrack corruption is to build his own track. He hires lobbyist William Hillier present his case before the State Legislature.

Filmed at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in late February 1962.
Janssen's part was originally scripted as David Mullin.



Director: John Peyser
Executive Producer: Paul Monash
Producer: Charles Russell
Teleplay: S. S. Schweitzer

Series regular:
Mark Richman (Nick Cain)

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (Dan Mullin)
Lloyd Bochner (William Hillier)
Kent Smith (Charles Dennis)
Bethel Leslie (Frances Olney)

Bernard Fein (Ben Kilrea)

Robert F. Simon (Leonard Yates)

George Kane (George Crawford)

Dick Whittinghill (John Telford)

Toni Gerry (Cora)

ROUTE 66 "One Tiger To A Hill"

Broadcast date: 9/21/62 830-930p (1 hour)
Network: CBS
Role: Karno
Production #: 4516

Synopsis not available.


Produced by Screen Gems and Lancer-Edling Productions.
Filmed on location in Astoria, Oregon, including work at the Bumble Bee Seafoods factory in late July 1962.
He was cast at the last minute finishing work as a guest star on THE ELEVENTH HOUR on the 19th and traveling to Oregon the following day.

The last minute casting crunch caused the casting of someone much younger than the person in writer Silliphant's verbose description:

"The man is Karno Skalig. He is about 40, but there is an ageless look about him, an intensity in his tanned face and lean disciplined body which seems to radiate from every pore, as though he has a pact with violence, as though he harbors a deep-seated and murderous hatred toward the world at large and people in particular."

Janssen was paid $5000 for his work on this show.



Director: David Lowell Rich
Executive Producer: Herbert B. Leonard
supervising Producer: : Leo Davis
Producer: Mort Abrahams
Teleplay: Sterling Silliphant

Series regulars:
Martin Milner (Tod)
George Maharis (Buz)

Guest cast:
Signe Hasso (Anna Gustafson)
Introducing Laura Devon (Toika)

with Phil Chambers (Clerk)

Selette Cole (Lois)


Broadcast date: 10/17/62 10-11p (1 hour)
Network: NBC
Role: Hal Kinkaid
Production #: 6716

Synopsis not available.

Filmed at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in mid-July 1962. Produced by Norman Felton's Arena Productions.

Janssen played a famous stage actor involved in a custody battle with a mentally-unstable ex-wife (played by Barbara Rush) in this psychiatric-themed show.

Originally shown as a caring husband, Janssen's character is revealed unconvincingly storywise to be the heavy at the end.

In one scene with series star Wendell Corey he quotes "Medea".

Janssen has nice interplay with 13-year old Susan Gordon who plays his daughter in a scene where they play-act with dolls together. Another scene in a malt shop is overplayed.

Because both actors playing her parents were brunettes, the hair of the child actress was dyed a similar color for one week. She filmed facing a personal loss---her pet monkey, Tammy, died of a kidney infection shortly before the production began!!



Director: Paul Wendkos

Executive Producer: Norman Felton
Producer: Sam Rolfe
Teleplay: S. S. Schweitzer

Creator: Harry Julian Fink

Associate Producer: Irving Elman

Music: Harry Sukman

Dir. of Photography: Dale Deverman

Asst. Director: E. Darrell Hallenbeck

Supervising film editor: John Dunning ACE

Film Editor: Henry Berman


Series regulars:
Wendell Corey (Dr. Theodore Bassett)
Jack Ging (Dr. Paul Graham)

Guest star:
Barbara Rush (Linda Kincaid)

Special guest star:
JANSSEN (Hal Kincaid)


Frank Overton (Pete Harvey)


Susan Gordon (Jenny Kincaid)

Madame Spivy (Jocetta)


Grace Lee Whitney (Dawn)

Paul Marin (Merwyn)

Joan Patrick (Sue)

John Goddard (Doug)

Mimi Dillard (Hilda)

THE DICK POWELL THEATRE "Thunder In A Forgotten Town"

Broadcast date: 3/5/63 930-1030p (1 hour)
Network: NBC
Role: Ken Morgan
Production #: 5151

No synopsis available.

Shot 3 weeks after Dick Powell's death in January 1963. Janssen had completed THE FUGITIVE pilot and was awiting word on its pickup status.
Filmed at Republic Studios.
Produced by Four Star/ Jackie Cooper Productions, Inc.
Janssen played a mayor. He had a scene with Jackie Cooper who surprises the mayor as he was presumed dead. Also a dialogue scene with Cooper in a pool room/bar. Finally a scene in the mayor's home with Ellen Corby as the housekeeper.



Director: Bernard L. Kowalski
Producer: Jackie Cooper
Teleplay: Richard Carr and Irving J. Mc Carthy
Story: Irving J. Mc Carthy

Guest cast:
Jackie Cooper (John Reardon)
co-starring Dewey Martin (Sheriff Baird)
Susan Oliver (Ann Williams)
Robert Emhardt (Ad Wiley)
special guest stars:
Edie Adams (Model/Helene)
Milton Berle (Blackjack Dealer)
Joey Bishop (Waiter)
JANSSEN (Ken Morgan)
Pat O'Brien (Clerk)
with Jackie Coogan (Shopkeeper)
Gary Crosby (Politician's Aide/Frankie)
William Schallert (Sammy)
Ellen Corby (Emma)
Harry Whisner (Taxi Driver)
Alan Reed (Mr. Bannfield)
hosted by David Niven

NAKED CITY "On The Battle Front, Every Minute Is Important"

Broadcast date: 3/27/63 10-11p (1 hour)
Network: ABC
Role: Carl Ashland
Production #: 4741 (California), 323 (NY)

While investigating a mystifying case of robbery and murder in a large office building, Flint is offered a top position in the firm of a man who's dying of leukemia and is impressed by his ability.

Shot on location in New York City in March 1963.
Restaurant sequences filmed at Danny's Hideaway and the Wm. A. White and Sons building at 47th and Fifth Avenue.
Played an advertising consultant. Originally called Carl Asher in the 1st draft of the script.
Paid $5000 for his work on this show.

This was the 2nd Howard Rodman-written "Naked City" that Janssen acted in. Rodman would go on to create HARRY O in 10 years.

Here is how he introduces his character:

(sc. 44 )
"There is a great tension in the room. Among the four men present, one of them in shirt sleeves, cuffs rolled back, tie pulled down and awry is CARL ASHER, himself, head of the company."



Director: Robert Ellis Miller
Executive Producer: Herbert B. Leonard
supervising Producer: Leo Davis
Producer: Charles Russell
Teleplay: Howard Rodman based on an idea by Alden Schwimmer

Series regulars:
Paul Burke (Det. Adam Flint)
Horace McMahon (Lt. Mike Parker)
Harry Bellaver (Frank Arcaro)
Nancy Malone (Libby)

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (Carl Ashland)
Kurt Kaszner (Korsica/Koriska?)
Leonard Cimino (Sid Kitka)
James Dukas (Truck Driver)
Margaret O'Neill (Lee Chain)
John Dutra (Philip Seaver)

Lloyd Hubbard (Jelgava, nightman)


John C. Becker (janitor)

Craig Huebing (Broughty, maintenace man)

Sid Raymond (elevator operator)

Mary Laslo (woman)

Melissa Murphy (secretary)

William Griffiths (Clemens)

Harold Gaetano (stunts)

CANNON "He Who Digs A Grave"

Broadcast date: 9/12/73 9-11p (2 hours)
Network: CBS
Role: Ian Kirk
Production #: unknown

A writer is down for the murder of his wife and her lover, but she's left a contradictory note. "Who builds stronger than a mason, a shipwright, or a carpenter?"

Produced by QM Productions. Janssen was reunited on this show with several QM people with whom he'd worked on THE FUGITIVE including star William Conrad who was the narrator on Janssen's hit series.
This show was a special two-hour 3rd season opener for the series, but has subsequently been syndicated by Viacom as 2 hour-long segments.
Janssen received 'Special Guest Star' billing.
Filmed in Nevada County, CA (Grass Valley) and at Samuel Goldwyn Studios in late July/early August 1973.



Executive Producer: Quinn Martin
Director: Richard Donner
Producer: Adrian Samish
Teleplay: Stephen Kandel based on a novel by David Delman

Series regulars:
William Conrad (Frank Cannon)

Guest cast:
Anne Baxter (Mayor Helen Blyth)
Barry Sullivan (Sheriff Luke)
JANSSEN (Ian Kirk)
also starring:
Murray Hamilton (Arthur Gibson)
Tim O'Connor (Martin Ross)
Lee Purcell (Marian Luke)
end credits:
Martine Bartlett (Hanna Freel)
Royal Dano (Doctor)
Robert Hogan (Deputy)
R.G. Armstrong (Denning)
Dabbs Greer (Windom Salter)
Jerry Ayres
Lenore Kasdorf (Cherry Benson)
Cathy Lee Crosby (Irene Kirk)
Dennis Rucker
Virginia Gregg (Emma)
Bill Quinn (Ben Salter)
Michael Audley
William P. Clark
Jack Henderson

POLICE STORY "Trigger Point"

Broadcast date: 9/27/77 (2 hours)
Network: NBC
Role: Sgt. Joe Wilson
Production #: unknown

No synopsis available.

Produced by David Gerber Productions and Columbia Pictures TV.
This show was the 5th season opener for the series.
Filmed at the Burbank Studios in July 1977.
Had the alternate title of "Pressure Point". Was erroneously listed as "The Watch Commander" in some credit lists. "Watch Commander" was a POLICE STORY episode done in 1988 directed by Gary Nelson and based on the earlierJanssen episode. Jack Warden played Janssen's part.



Director: Jerry London
Executive Producer: David Gerber
Producers: Mel Swope, Larry Brody
Teleplay: Mark Rodgers

Guest cast:
JANSSEN (Sgt. Joe Wilson)
Scott Hylands (Carl Inforzato)
Scott Brady
Dennis Cole
Don Johnson
Meg Foster
MacDonald Carey
Richard Venture
Milton Selzer
Jayne Kennedy
Diana Muldaur (Margaret Wilson)
special guest star:
Robert Forster (Don Carpenter)
and Andrew Masset (Garcia)
Wallace Rooney (Mr. Morgan)
J.A. Preston (Parkinson)
Jack Stauffer (Frey)
Duncan Gamble (Donaldson)
Katharine Charles (Eileen)
Bob Hastings (Merrick)
Chris DeLisle (Mary Jo)
Michael Sullivan (the Swinger)
June Whitley Taylor (Edna)
Edward James Olmos (Cordova)
Beverly Hope Atkinson (the Hooker)
Ron Stokes (Chuck)
Michael Payne (Johnson)
Toby Russ (Mrs. Welford)
Gavin Mooney (Mr. Kearns)
Diann McCannon (Joanne)
Ken Washington (Helms)
Kim Yumiko (Irene)
Mark York (Bar Customer)
Ray Camacho (Ramirez)
Anthony Costello (Laiten)








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