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TV - Dramatic guest appearances (live)

Network Series /Episode
Title Character
Lux Video Theater "It Grows On Trees" Ralph
Lux Video Theater "Perilous Deception" Joe Davies
Lux Video Theater "It Started With Eve" Johnny Reynolds
Matinee Theater "Belong to Me” Paul Merrick


Show Details


Broadcast date: 3/17/55 10-11p (1 hr.)
Network: NBC
Role: Ralph

Director: Earl Ebi
Adapted by: John Whedon
Host: James Mason
Announcer: Ken Carpenter


Show #1138 from the 5 th season of the series. Based on Universal's 1952 Film.

Broadcast from NBC Burbank, Studio 2.

Show utilized actors on loan from the U-I Talent Program. Janssen and Leigh Snowden played the young lovers. There was an "after-the-play” interview at the end of the program after the play and a plug for U-I’s MAN WITHOUT A STAR. Maureen O'Sullivan did a Good Luck Margarine commercial after act III.


Guest cast:
Ruth Hussey (Polly Baxter)
Robert Preston (Phil Baxter)
Leigh Snowden (Diane Baxter)
Charlotte Knight (Mrs. Pryor)
Henry Hunter (Murchison)
Alexander Campbell (Carrollman)
Richard Cutting (Leatherbee)
Pierre Watkin (Sleamish)
Dabbs Greer (MacGuire)
Forrest Lewis (Dr. Burrows)
Butch Bernard (Flip Baxter)
Lauren Chapin (Midge Baxter)
Ralph Sanford (Police Sgt.)
Yvonne Peattie (Secretary)
Robert Bruce (Policeman)

LUX VIDEO THEATER "Perilous Deception"

Broadcast date: 8/11/55 10-11p (1 hr.)
Network: NBC
Role: Joe Davies

Director: Earl Ebi
Host/Announcer: William Hopper

Show #1159 from the 1955 Summer season of the series. Based on an unproduced Universal-International script by Catherine Turney

Broadcast from NBC Burbank, Studio 2.

Janssen played an unpleasant individual who murders his wife, then romantically pursues her best friend.

He was introduced by William Hopper as a "star of tomorrow” along with U-I’s Karen Kalder and April Kent. There was an "after-the-play" interview and a plug for U-I's "The Shreik."


Guest cast:
Karen Kalder (Vera Collins)
Stuart Nedd (Chris Collins)
JANSSEN (Joe Davies)
April Kent (Agnes)
James Flavin (Heineman)
Ruth Warren (Mrs. Beacham)
Forest Lewis (Mr. Beacham)
Davis Alpert (Policeman)
Jean Lewis (Waitress)

LUX VIDEO THEATER "It Started With Eve"

Broadcast date: 3/29/56 10-11p (1 hr.)
Network: NBC
Role: Johnny Reynolds

Director: Carl Kuhl
Adapted by: James Allardice
Host: Otto Kruger
Announcer: Ken Carpenter


When a dying man asks to meet his son’s fiancée, the young man, in desperation, gets a hat check girl to act as a stand-in. The situation is complicated by the recovery of the father and the real fiancee’s demand for an explanation.

Show #1192 from the 6 th season of the series.

Remake of the 1941 film with Deanna Durbin. Janssen did the part that Robert Cummings did in the film and evidently was a late replacement for another actor.

Broadcast from NBC Burbank, Studio 2.
This episode was the 1st colorcast of the series. Weldon sang the Jay Livingston-Ray Evans song "You're Not In Love At All"


Guest cast:
Thomas Mitchelli (Reynolds Sr.)
Joan Weldon (Anne)
JANSSEN (Johnny Reynolds)
Taylor Holmes (Dr. Harvey)
A.E. Gould-Porter (Roberts)
Joan Sinclair (Gloria)
Lillian Culver (Mrs. Pennington)
Ellen Corby (Nurse)
Alexander Campbell (Walters)
James Mc Callion (Frank)


Broadcast date: 7/31/56 12n-1p (1 hr.)
Network: NBC
Role: Paul Merrick

Director: Livia Granito

Production #: R-194
Teleplay: Gail Ingram, based on Ann Pinchot’s unpublished novelette "Love Wears A Golden Crown”

Janssen was paid $500 for the show, including 6 days of rehearsals.
Early rehearsals were in Hollywood at 1559 N. Vine Street.
Final rehearsals and the live broadcast orignated from NBC Burbank, Studio 2.


Guest cast:
Judith Braun (Liss Hale)
Helen Westcott (Victoria)

JANSSEN (Paul Merrick)
Ann B. Davis (Peg Miller)
Sandy Descher (Maidy)
Lisa Golm (Landlady)
?? (counselor)






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