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(9/11/75)  #166461

When Trench is framed for the murder of an informant, Harry tries to help him by masquerading as a drug pusher.

Director: Jerry Thorpe
Writer: John Meredyth Lucas
Story: Herman Groves

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Guest cast:
Rene Auberjonois (Rabbit)
James McEachin (Jimmy Dorn)
Harold J. Stone (Capt. Gunther)
Gordon Jump (Thornton Williams)
Margaret Avery (Ruby Dome)
John Harkins (Malcolm)
Rand Bridges (Attendant)
William Sylvester (D.A.)


(9/18/75)  #166465

An alcoholic attorney, unable to recall the events following a party the night before, hires Harry to ascertain whether she was the driver in a fatal hit-and-run accident.

Director: Harry Falk
Writer: Norman Strum


Guest cast:
Larry Hagman (Bernie Roth)
Carol Rossen (Jennifer Roth)
Robert Loggia (Joe Becker)
Susan Adams (Jean Parnell)
Richard Roat (Stanley Hammer)
Christopher Allport (Wayne Hadley)
Frederick Herrick (Billy)
John Zaremba (Dr. Fell)
Lindsay Workman (Judge)


(9/25/75)  #166464

Student criminologist Lester Hodges returns to bedevil Harry when diamond smugglers kidnap Sue and force him to make an unexpected trip to Paris.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Robert C. Dennis


Guest cast:
Les Lannom (Lester Hodges)
Ina Balin (Sylvia Perrault)
Eric Server (Rick Colmar)
Loni Anderson (Linzy)
Clifford David (Paul Levesque)
Richard Venture (Inspector Tyrac)
Maria Grimm (Marie Therese Marbot)
Paul Harper (Kroner)
Roger Etienne (French Police Officer)
Alain Patrick (Escort)


(10/2/75)  #166468

A wealthy woman hires Harry to help her housekeeper, who admits to murdering a small-time blackmailer but refuses to discuss the reason.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Michael Sloan
Story: Eugene Crisci, Ron Jacoby

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Guest cast: Anjanette Comer (Grace Duvall)
Louis Gossett, Jr. (Cleon Jackson)
Linden Chiles (Raymond Duvall)
Lincoln Kilpatrick (Nat Collins)
Maidie Norman (Clara Wooster)
Thayer David (Peter MacNamara)
David Moody (Steele)
G.W. Baily (Garner)
and Bill Henderson (Spencer Johnson)


(10/9/75)  #166472

Harry's investigation into the murder of another private eye results in a painful reunion with his ex-wife, who visited the victim just before he died.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Michael Sloan

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Guest cast:
Felicia Farr (Elizabeth Carson)
Peter Donat (Robert Carson)
Claudette Nevins (Jessica Shannon)
Kermit Murdock (Dr. Swift)
Andrew Robinson (Jim Bracken)
Fred Scheiwiller (John Shannon)
Randy Powell (Intern)


(10/16/75)  #166467

aka “Image of Murder”
Harry looks for a missing heiress who seems to have taken sanctuary with a religious cult.

Director: Harry Falk
Writer: Larry Forrester and Robert Blees & Dorothy Robinson
Story: Robert Blees & Dorothy Robinson

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Guest cast:
Bettye Ackerman (Laureen Lister)
Sam Jaffe (Dr. Howard Cambridge)
Severn Darden (Ingo Wells)
Alan Oppenheimer (Lewis C. Grover)
Barry Atwater (Phil Austin)
Kristina Holland (Kristina Ferrikson)
John Calvin (Thaddeus Staffenbecker)
Barbara Leigh (Gina)
Joshua Shelley (Sam Linklatter)
Peter Brocco (Roger Hastings)
Clyde Kusatsu (Coroner)


(10/23/75)  #166469

Harry investigates the possibility that a plane crash which killed an old war buddy and paralyzed a U.S. senator was the result of sabotage.

Director: Jerry London
Writer: John Meredyth Lucas


Guest cast:
Eddie Fontaine (Ted Marion)
Geoffrey Lewis (Sen. John Elton)
Hildy Brooks (Jean Elton)
Linda Kelsey (Karen Dorland)
Jack Colvin (Willie)
John Crawford (Hal Follett)
Maggie Blye (Ellen Nevins)
Bruce Kirby (FAA Chief)
Robert Riesel (Jake Muller)
Sondra Blake (Willie's Wife)
Claire Brennen (Gloria)
Barbara Leigh (Gina)
Macon McCalman (Gordon Marks)
Ned Wilson (Ward Nevins)


(10/30/75)  #166468

Harry investigates the nursing home where his mechanic's father died suddenly, and Sue asks him to help some kids find their missing father.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Norman Strum


Guest cast:
Kenneth Mars (Dr. Courtney Mangram)
Janet Brandt (Mrs. Farber)
Allan Rich (Charlie Kravitz)
co-starring Bill Overton (Horace Ball)
Howard Hesseman (Senator Lawler)
Jester Hairston (Jefferson Johnson)
Richard Stahl (Dr. Samuelson)
Robert Ito (Chang Lee)
Esther Koslow (Nurse)
with Tim Haldeman (Dean Farber)
Bruce Solomon (Official)
Bo Kaprall (Oscar Clark)
Lois Williams (Mrs. Wayne)
Lee Duncan (Jack)
Raymond Chao (Kim Lee)
William H. Knight (First Cop)
and Bill Henderson (Spencer Johnson)
Farrah Fawcett-Majors (Sue)


(11/6/75)  #166470

The only woman who can clear Harry of a murder charge refuses to testify.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: William R. Stratton
Story: Alfred Brenner

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Guest cast:
Lesley Ann Warren (Gail Stephens)
Michael C. Gwynne (Randall Groves)
Fred Sadoff (Eldon Bardach
John Lupton (Walter Blanke)
Joyce Easton (Mrs. Blanke)
Richard Stahl (Pathologist)
and Bill Henderson (Spencer Johnson)


(11/13/75)  #166471

When a psychiatrist suspects that one of her group therapy patients murdered another, she hires Harry to join them, posing as an alcoholic.

Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Dennis Landa


Guest cast:
Joanna Pettet (Brenda Beach)
Don Stroud (Bump)
Liam Sullivan (John Grant)
Linda Lavin (Alice)
Mills Watson (Rusty)
Jay Robinson (Karl Singleton)
Mark Miller (Cary)
Mary-Robin Redd (Millie)
Carol Mallory (Phyllis)
Dave Shelley (Simons)
John Holland (Doctor)


(11/20/75)  #166462

Harry helps a retarded man who is accused of a series of strangulation murders.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Robert C. Dennis

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Guest cast:
Adam Arkin (Eric Kershaw)
Katherine Helmond (Anne Kershaw)
Lou Frizzell (George Kershaw)
Alan Feinstein (Phil Unsworth)
Allan Miller (Johnny Thayer)
William Traylor (Howard Pomeroy)
Jeff David (Dr. Cadbury)
Rose Gregorio (Madame Dorina)
Erica Yohn (Mrs. Stockdale)


(12/4/75)  #166473

A cop framed for murder hires Harry to find his estranged daughter, a pregnant teenage addict who's on the run from killers but is the only one who can clear him.

Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Kenneth Realman

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Guest cast:
Ralph Meeker (Sgt. Frank Brannen)
Nora Heflin (Missy Brannen)
Karen Machon (Julie Wilson)
Annazette Chase (Jean Rogers)
Ray Vitte (Richie Harris)
Cynthia Avila (Lynn Robeson)
Claude Earl Jones (Charlie Leinback)
Richard Foronjy (Sammy Wren)
Carl Crudup (Catcher)
Gene Woodbury (Elroy Minor)
Lauren Jones (Sister)
Lani O'Grady (Helen)
Asher Brauner (Silk)


(12/11/75)  #166463

Harry searches for the connection between the suicide of an ex-cop and the shooting of an oil magnate the same night.

Director: Richard Bennett
Writer: Michael Sloan

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Guest cast:
Christine Belford (Karen Nesbitt)
Joseph Stern (Ralph Costello)
John Colicos (Walter Nesbitt)
Dennis Redfield (Jonathan Nesbitt)
Gwen Arner (Stella Christian)
Phyllis Love (Jean MacDonald)
Charles Shull (Bill Henderson)
Sabrina Scharf (Jenny)
Jack Riley (Barney Hamilton)
Doria Cook (Joanna Costello)
Carol Bagdasarian (Angela Thomas)
Jane Lambert (Amy)
Derek Murcott (Dr. Foster)
Paul Bryar (Bartender)


(1/8/76)  #166474

An elderly counterfeiter who prints only enough money to supplement his pension is kidnapped by drug dealers who need $250,000 in a hurry.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Robert C. Dennis

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Guest cast:
Michael Pataki (Bargo)
J. Pat O'Malley (Bill Hoxley)
Glynnis O'Connor (Gayle)
Michael McGuire (Lipton)
Margaret Avery (Ruby)
Booth Colman (Sturgis)
Charles Siebert (Schaeffer Shaeffer)
Douglas Dirkson (Tim Condit)
Julio Medina (Legation Official)
Paul Jenkins (Ludford)
and Les Lannom (Lester Hodges)


(1/15/76)  #166475

The murder of a gambling-club owner leaves Harry with two jobs; caring for her homeless protegee and searching for a book she compiled that would be worth a fortune to an extortionist.

Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Michael Sloan & Michael Adams
Story: Michael Adams

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Guest cast:
Richard Kelton (Bruce Cantrell)
Joanne Nail (Jamie)
Russell Wiggins (Peter Wesler)
John S. Ragin (John Wesler)
Barbara Rhoades (Linda Maris)
Rita Gam (Naomi Kline)
David Healy (Mike Gorman)
Jack Mullaney (Cab Driver)
Byron Mabe (Ted Arlington)
Patsy Garrett (Manageress)
Susan Woolen (Secretary)
Llynn Storer (Medical Examiner)
Barbara Cason (Kate)


(1/22/76)  #166476

A woman's former boyfriend returns from prison and wants the old suitcase he left with her, which he claims is worth $300,000.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Stephen Kandel


Guest cast:
Susan Strasberg (Sara Webber)
Tim McIntire (Carl Dawes)
David Opatoshu (Sam Mirakian)
Granville Van Dusen (Coleman)
Edie Adams (Kate Roberti)
George Chiang (Chiang)
Edward Power (Roy Garvey)
Mario Gallo (Charts)
Nancy Bleier (Woman)
Randy Powell (Doctor)
Larry Gelman (Counterman)


(2/19/76)  #166479

Trench is among the hostages held in a liquor store by a desperate veteran who demands that his addicted girlfriend be found and brought to him within two hours.

Director: Jerry London
Writer: Michael Sloan

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Guest cast:
Colleen Camp (Karen Bremmer)
John Rubinstein (Richard Trask)
George Murdock (Captain Shelldrake)
Quinn Redeker (Harrison Bremmer)
George Loros (Paul Lavelle)
Ayn Ruymen (Virginia McBain)
Bruce Glvoer (Nathan Carroll)
Priscilla Pointer (Constance Faraday)
Linda Gillin (Jill McBain)
Don McGovern (Carl Devine)
Tim Thomerson (Reporter)
Charles Knapp (Photo Lab Manager)
Hank Stohl (Jack Conlin)
Fritzi Burr (Apartment Manager)
Jack Stauffer (Intern)
June Whitley Taylor (Elderly Woman)
Robert Yuro (Jason Elliot)


(2/26/76)  #166478

Harry investigates the murder of a fellow private eye in Chinatown.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Robert C. Dennis


Guest cast:
Tina Chen (Lisa Soong)
Ramon Bieri (Sam Pace)
James Hong (Lan Wuyen)
Frank Michael Liu (Nathan Soong)
Benson Fong (Soong Kee)
Herb Voland (Sgt. Grady)
Jerry Hardin (George Dillard)
Suzanne Astor (Renee Hoffman)
Clare Nono (Hostess)


(3/4/76)  #166482

A rape victim, whose charges are likely to be held suspect because she made a false accusation against another man in a rape case some years before, hires Harry.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: John Meredyth Lucas , Michael Sloan
Story: John Meredyth Lucas

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Guest cast:
Cynthia Avila (Mary Casado)
Eugene Roche (Sgt. Helmond)
Michael Lerner (Wilt Kane)
Cal Bellini (Frank Lito)
Richard Hale (Jud Kane)
Ron Joseph (Gil Mendos)
Anna Berger (Mrs. Kline)
Jon Lormer (Old Man)
W.T. Zacha (Foreman)
Brian Baker (Officer Smith)

NOTE: This was the last episode filmed.

42. RUBY

(3/11/76)  #166480

A ghetto youth is caught in an aborted car theft that causes the death of an officer, and is threatened with death if he reveals the name of the companion who was doing the driving.

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Michael Sloan
Story: Susan Glasgow, Michael Sloan


Guest cast:
Margaret Avery (Ruby)
Joseph Ruskin (Jack)
John McMurtry (John Cutter)
Tony Burton (Peter Macklin)
Stanley Clay (James Lawrence)
Paulene Myers (Mrs. Highman)
Ty Henderson (Gary 'Aces' Highman)
John Kerry (Desmond Williams)
L. Randy Martin (Carver)


(3/18/76)  #166481

Young criminologist Lester Hodges returns and teams up with his college mentor to find out who is systematically killing off members of Lester's family.

Director: Jerry Thorpe
Writer: Robert Dozier


Guest cast:
Roddy McDowall (Arnold Applequist)
Keye Luke (Dr. Creighton Fong)
Anne Archer (Felicia Applequist)
Judith McConnell (Sylvia Applequist)
Dean Jagger (Simon Applequist)
Sorrell Brooke (Edward Tabor)
Stuart Whitman (Arthur Rubin)
Richard Stahl (Dr. Samuelson)
Susan Adams (Jean Parnell)
Barry Atwater (Hammond)
and Lester Hodges (Les Lannom)

NOTE: This was the pilot for a potential spin-off series.


(4/29/76)  #166477

Defying mysterious threats, two women hire Harry to find proof of malpractice against the doctor they hold responsible for the death of an old man in their family.

Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: John Meredyth Lucas

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Guest cast:
Ruth Roman (Ethel Martel)
Normann Burton (Dr. Lusk)
Thom Christopher (Paul Rosenman)
Denise Galik-Furey (Gloria Ross)
Kiel Martin (Ed Wilkie)
Susan Adams (Jean Parnell)
Richard Stahl (Dr. Samuelson)
Rod Colbin (Administrator)
Michael Alaimo (Tony Schrager)
and Bill Henderson (Spencer Johnson)

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