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(02/15/59)  #6801
aka “The Larry Forsythe Case”

Diamond moves to Los Angeles where he begins to date Karen after she hires him to find her boyfriend's murderer. A woman hires him to find her playboy son who has gone missing.

Director: Alvin Ganzer
Writer: Richard Carr

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Guest cast:
Mort Sahl (himself)
Ross Martin (Tony Gino)
Ed Kemmer (Frank Sonnett)
Irene Hervey (Mary Forsythe)
Ronnie Rondell (Larry Forsythe/uncredited)
Gloria Tennes (the blonde/uncredited)
Jack Klugman (the maitre d'/uncredited)
also Suzanne Alexander
and Barbara Bain (Karen Wells), Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)

NOTE: Starting with this episode, Richard Diamond changed his locale from the East to the West Coast, and the unseen answering service operator first played by Mary Tyler Moore made her introduction. Barbara Bain came aboard for 4 episodes as a short-lived love interest. The series utilized a fresh musical approach by Janssen’s friend Pete Rugolo.


(02/22/59)  #6803

plot details unavailable

Director: John Peyser
Writer: Gene Levitt


Guest cast:
Frank Albertson (Stuart Simons)
Jean Carson (Gloria Bartlett)
Jon Lormer (Gerald Wilkerson)
Janine Perreau (Carol)
Jan Stine (Freddy)
John Gallaudet (Capt. Francis McCormack/uncredited)
Charles Seel (Homer Wilkerson/uncredited)
Gil Frye (the photographer/uncredited)
also Burt Mustin, Jon Stine, Harry Harvey Sr., Lester Dorr
and Barbara Bain (Karen Wells)


(03/01/59)  #6805

A mobster wanted by the law who fears that he is going to be assassinated comes to Diamond and asks him to negotiate his surrender to the police.

Director: Alvin Ganzer
Writers: Donn Mullally and Lee Erwin


Guest cast:
Lawrence Dobkin (Joey Kane)
Dolores Donlon (Evelyn Ames)
Bern Hoffman (Marxie)
Don Durant (Pat Sharkey)
Sandy Kenyon (Lt. Baker)
and Barbara Bain as Karen Wells, Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)

Note: The viewer gets a rare glimpse of Sam's face in this episode--unfortunately her features are obscured by a plant.


(03/08/59)  #6807
aka “The Revolution”

Diamond accepts an assignment which takes him to South America in search of a political refugee and places him in the middle of international intrigue.

Director: Andrew McCullough
Writers: Jack Kelsey and Albert Ruben


Guest cast:
Corinne Calvet (La Muneca)
Celia Lovsky (Senora Del Vayo)
Barry Kroeger (Raoul)
Ruggero Romer (Luis)
Joe Perry (uncredited)
and Barbara Bain as Karen Wells [her last episode], Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)


(03/15/59)  #6809

An attractive young woman pleads with Diamond to investigate the murder of a fiananceer. Diamond later learns that her father is the police detective assigned to solve the case.

Director: Richard Whorf
Writer: Peter Barry


Guest cast:
James Westerfield (McAllister)
Jana Lund (Marilyn Ann)
Eleanor Audley (Mrs. Deneken)
Jack Albertson (Fernando Faillace)
Peggy Maley (Claire)
Sandy Kenyon (Lt. Baker)
also Ric Roman, Jeanne Tatum
and Russ Conway (Lt. Pete Kile), Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)

Note: Guest star Jana Lund is dating (and will marry in 1962) attorney Arthur Crowley. Crowley will handle Janssen's well-publicized divorce in the late 60's from wife Ellie who David has recently married when this episode is filmed.


(03/22/59)  #6817
aka “Mexican Art Swindle”

Diamond heads to Mexico in search of a missing art dealer.

Director: Richard Whorf
Writer: Robert Blees


Guest cast:
Elisabeth Fraser (Dorian Crane)
Chana Eden (Victoria Sebastian)
Gregory Gay (Van Zandt)
Manning Ross (Lt. Pepe)
Peter Mamakos (Arturo Montoya)
Richard Carlyle (Barney Crane)
and Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)


(03/29/59)  #6813

Diamond winds up in the middle of a deadly conspiracy when he agrees to help a wealthy young man find his missing bride.

Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Writers: Albert Ruben and Barry Trivers


Guest cast:
James Drury (Arthur Harding, Jr.)
John Hoyt (Arthur Harding, Sr.)
Robert Ellenstein (Kirsten)
John Harmon (the gardener)
Frank Ferguson (Capt. Hoyt)
Gail Bonney (Motel Manager)
also Bob Stephenson
and Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)


(04/05/59)  #6815

An antique dealer hires Diamond to find an Oriental cigarette box and his employee who disappeared while delivering the box.

Director: John Peyser
Writer: Dan Ullman


Guest cast:
Joyce Meadows (Linda)
Lewis Charles (Burke)
Art Lewis (Karns)
Michael Fox (Paul Schofield)
Dennis L. Cross (the skipper)
Paul Kent (the lieutenant)
Troy Melton (Louie Roya/uncredited)
Jean Olsen (the waitress/uncredited)
and Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)


(04/12/59)  #6821

A masked gunman steals the box office receipts of a charity jazz festival which Diamond is attending.

Director: Alvin Ganzer
Writer: P.K. Palmer


Guest cast:
Nora Hayden (Georgia)
Bartlett Robinson (Clifton)
Phillip Pine (King Satchel)
Lon Mora (the waiter)
Jan Harrison (Nancy Chaney)
Patricia Blair (Julie)
Ingrid Goude (Eve)
Frank Gerstle (the lieutenant)
Robert W. Quarry (Charlie Wendell)
and Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)


(04/19/59)  #6819

After inheriting half of a citrus packing plant a pair of brothers hire Diamond to investigate a young woman, they suspect is a goldigger, who has been romancing their late father's partner.

Director: John Peyser
Writers: Don Mullally and Lee Erwin


Guest cast:
Christine White (Peggy Nolan)
Charles Aidman (Joe Vale)
Lee Farr (Tom Vale)
Willis Bouchey (Lew Morse)
Russ Bender (the sheriff)
Bill Halop (Charlie Cole)
Gil Perkins (Dan Vale/uncredited)
and Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)


(05/03/59)  #6811

An art dealer asks Diamond to make a clandestine investigation into the disappearance of a valuable crown which vanished froma safe on board a yacht.

Director: Lamont Johnson
Writer: Gene Levitt


Guest cast:
Abraham Sofaer (Mr. Constantine)
Gail Kobe (Anne Mitchell)
John Anderson (Paul Russell)
Ben H. Wright (Maxwell)
Barbara Stuart (Dee Dennis)
Lillian Adams (Goldie)
and Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)


(05/10/59)  #6823

A jukebox operator asks Diamond for help when he is threatened by racketeers who want him to use their records exclusively.

Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Writer: David Chandler


Guest cast:
Ruta Lee (Louise Thompson)
Walter Sande (Mr. Thompson)
Joi Lansing (Diane)
Paul Bryar (Lt. Ross)
Alan Wells (Chick/uncredited)
Terry Frost (uncredited)
and Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)


(05/17/59)  #6827

Diamond learns that a friend of his, who is a TV personality, is undergoing marital problems at home and that his wife may be out to kill him.

Director: Unknown
Writer: Unknown


Guest cast:
Jesse White as Walt Conlin
Karen Sharpe as Ruth
Michael Strong as George Maxton
Brook Byron as Edna
Gordon Polk as the desk clerk
and Mary Tyler Moore (Sam)

NOTE: This was the last episode in which Mary Tyler Moore played “Sam.” She was fired for breaking her anonymity and modeling for a TV Guide article “Sam Models the Latest in Hosiery.” She was replaced by Roxanne Brooks.


(05/24/59)  #6829

A terrified woman calls Diamond for help after her life is threatened, however by the time Diamond arrives to meet with her she has disappeared.

Director: R.G. Springsteen
Writer: Elliot West


Guest cast:
Bethel Leslie (Faith Dryden)
DeForest Kelley (the Sheriff)
Hillary Brooke (Winifred O'Hara)
Eric Feldary (Arthur-the Limping Man)
Robert Nichols (Gas Station Attendant)
and Roxanne Brooks (Sam)

NOTE: this was the first episode in which Roxanne Brooks played “Sam.”


(05/31/59)  #6831

A nun asks Diamond to locate a missing young boy who is a member of a Dixieland band she has organized.

Director: Thomas Carr
Writer: Ed Adamson


Guest cast:
Barry L. Gordon (Tommy Logan)
Stacy S. Harris (Frank Marsala)
Mary Ann Hokanson (Sister Elizabeth)
Nestor Paiva (Axel)
Cynthia Jason (Roberta/uncredited)


(06/07/59)  #6833

Diamond goes undercover as a casino worker in order to find a stolen priceless jewel.

Director: Thomas Carr
Writer: Ed Adamson


Guest cast:
Steve Brodie (Ken Bronson)
Marcia Henderson (Janet)
Arthur Batanides (Wally)
Hayden Rorke (Frank Judson)
Jan Shepard (Betty Wilson)
Carol Morris (Mrs. Jackson)
William Schallert (Mr. Prescott/uncredited)


(06/14/59)  #6835

Diamond discovers some unpleasant facts about a young woman who was murdered after he talks to her roommate, a dance hall hostess.

Director: Donald McDougall
Writer: Ed Adamson


Guest cast:
Patricia Barry (Claire Provost/Powers)
Jeanette Nolan (Edna Shaw)
Marian Collier (Audrey Santell)
Richard Reeves (Steve)
Harry Bartell (the Manager)
Sydney Smith (Ralph Powers)
Lennie Bremen (Harry Gorgis)


(06/21/59)  #6837

An old flame of Diamond's comes to him hoping to hire him to find out who is attempting to blackmail her.

Director: Mark Sandrich, Jr.
Writer: Ed Adamson


Guest cast:
Phyllis Avery (Vicki Franklin)
Laurie Mitchell (Kitty)
Edmund Hashim (Carl Otero)
Lewis Charles (Charley Vincent)
Ned Glass (Rice)
Janet Stewart (the Maid)
and Roxanne Brooks (Sam)

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This episode guide was culled from a variety of sources including: (text Copyright © 1994-2000, Alan Morton and George Fergus) and a non-published episode guide provided to me by Jon Strauss in 1998.

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