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Restoration of the Silver Bullet - the exterior  

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historic photo - circa 1966

historic photo - circa 1992

Passenger side rear.

This is a rare image taken on location with THE FUGITIVE when the bus was about 1 year old.

Notice the original silver a/c unit atop the bus which no longer exists.

Same passenger side when the bus was up for sale in Santee, CA.

Note the changed-out plastic rooftop air conditioning shells in the center and rear. Damage has already been done to the front passenger corner above the windshield. Evidence of rivet detachment in the back quarter of the bus is in evidence.



historic photo -1969


David Janssen on the set of MAROONED in early 1969.  Notice similarity in body language from posed photo above taken 3 years earlier.

Passenger side center -- the coach's only entry door.

Visible inside the bus was a horizontal display of photographs. Janssen liked to decorate the bus with stills related to whatever project he was working on, lining them above the couch.

In Columbus GA, in late 1967 on THE GREEN BERETS, his previous U.S. film assignment, he'd done the same thing.


current photo

current photo

current photo

Driver's side on the day the Archive took delivery in August 2008.

The riveted tag which gives the S-5028 serial number of the coach. Purists say that this is the true VIN of the unit, but in this instance, the Ford Engine number, which is rivited nearby, was used (see next photo).

The Ford industrial engine number 3474-R10KC which has been carried on DMV registrations as the bus' VIN .


historic photo - circa 1971

current photo

current photo

Janssen stands at the back of the bus on the drivers side during the filming of O'HARA US TREASURY.

DETAIL: the same section - a little rustier and needing a polish.



wider shot of the back of the bus showing the buses' original black CA licence plate RHS 838. The center compartment beneath it holds a 5000 watt generator. The compartment to the right stores the bus' battery.

historical photo - circa 1992

current photo

Front of bus when the bus was up for sale in Santee, CA.

Janssen's hand-pained initials "DMJ" are under the split windshield.

Beneath, the faint outline of the words "Streamline Travel Home" in script can be seen where the cast metal logo used to be attached.

The hatch to its left is for adding water to the radiator.

Not much has changed . Elliott Shapiro, Janssen's teamster/driver from 1974-1980 is photographed here in August 2008 on the day he had a reunion with the bus after 28 years.


The cast metal manufacturer's logo (below) had been taken as a souvenir by Elliott when he delivered the bus to a new owner in 1980. These have been donated generously by him back to the restoration effort and will be returned to their original red color as can be seen in this clip from 1974. The clip also indicates a ribbed rear view mirror which no longer exists as pictured at right.

historic photo - late 70s

current photo

This photo shows Elliott Shapiro with an unidentified friend.

The photo gives a clue as to the wheel covers originally on the bus. There have been changes made to the door handle and lock.

Notice the 2 tiny bronze rectangles to the left of the door.

The rectangular plaques still exist. They are in Italian and translate as follows:

1) Welcome to the Janssen social club. Please knock and wipe your feet. Thank you.

2) If you don't like to party, don't ring the bell.

The history of these are not known.


current photo

current photo

Driver's side front.

DETAIL - under driver's side window. This hand-painted moniker, most likely done by a studio painter, also appears on the passenger side.

current photo

current photo

The front currently reveals much bumper wear, rust around the headlight grill, and the original front license plate also distressed from years of exposure to the elements.

Driver's side center. Above the tire is the only significant dent on the aluminum shell.

current photo

current photo

Passenger side rear.

Passenger side front. Writing on the door, barely visible beneath the opaque windows, is detailed below.

current photo

current photo

The back of the bus also has an original mid-60's black and yellow licence plate. The light housing above it seems to be missing the original cover.

The "Please Knock", hand-painted on the entry door, has survived the intervening decades since David Janssen died. It indicated to the speculative seller of the bus on Ebay that the coach might have had a prior owner of note.

current photo

current photo

A roof view.

The retractable step and entry badly damaged from an extended period of time that the bus' door was detached.




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