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Chapter 8  -  WARNER BROTHERS FREELANCING  (Apr 1956-Jan 1957)
    "supporting roles in Tab Hunter pix"

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apr 30

screen tests for the film THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND on stage 1 at Warner Brothers. Murray Hamilton precedes and James Garner follows Janssen in the tryouts. Garner assists in Janssen's test.

At Universal, where Janssen has recently been terminated, fellow contract player Dani Crayne also gets the boot today having done roles this year in A DAY OF FURY and THE UNGUARDED MOMENT.

Coincidently, she will soon come to work at Warner Brothers as well.

The farthest thought from the minds of these two acting peers is that they will marry in 20 years. It will be interesting to witness the seredipity with which they will cross paths leading up to that seemingly-destined union.

may 11 it is announced that Janssen has been cast in the Capt. Genaro role in THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND. His salary is $600 weekly.
may 16

girl he left behind (small)travels to Fort Ord, California to begin work on the picture. This marks the return to the base where he actually did 2 years of military duty. Flies with Jim Backus and Fredd Wayne arriving on location at 1:30pm. He will work there for a week and a half.

As a real soldier he made the rank of Corporal and actual military personnel who remember him from his stint of a few years earlier are confused seeing Janssen in the Captain's uniform he wears for the film. He found it easier to salute when expected rather than stopping to explain.

Stays at the Hotel San Carlos in Monterrey.

may 17 first day of work for Janssen on THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND. Shoots scenes for the EXT. RIFLE CIRCLE and WOODED AREA set.
may 18

continues Fort Ord location work. Shoots EXT. NEW BARRACKS scenes and then has the next 3 days off.

may 22 Shoots EXT. NEW BARRACKS and EXT. PX scenes and then has 2 idle days.
may 25 works the morning only on the EXT. NEW COMPANY STREET/GRANDSTAND set.
may 26 returns to Los Angeles via plane.
may 28 work continues on THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND on stage 3 at Warners. Janssen does his work on the GREASE TRAP ROOM set.
may 29 Stage 3, Warner Brothers. Shoots INT. ORDERLY’S ROOM and GENARO’S OFFICE.
may 31 Stage 3, Warner Brothers. Finishes INT. ORDERLY’S ROOM and GENARO’S OFFICE and also shoots the scene in the DRAFT BOARD OFFICE.
jun this month Janssen, who at age 25 is still living with his parents, moves to an apartment on Clarissa Avenue only a few blocks away from the Finley Avenue place they'd lived for the previous 4 years.
jun 6 Stage 3, Warner Brothers. Resumes work after 3 days off. Films in the NEW BARRACKS set.
jun 13 works 1st of 2 days on the WB Ranch.
jun 14

finishes WB Ranch scenes at 3:15pm completing his work on the picture THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND.

A premiere is held in Westwood of the U-I "Away All Boats!" film he did as an unbilled walk-on. Janssen may have attended the premiere.

jun 25

does a few hours of post-recording (looping) on THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND at the studio.

jul 25 Janssen has a first read-thru for a role on an episode of MATINEE THEATRE. His segment is called "Belong To Me" and will go on the air live in 6 days. This rehearsal takes place at 1559 N. VIne.
jul 26-29 continues daily rehearsals for MATINEE THEATRE at 1559 N. VIne.
jul 30 rehearsal and a camera blocking for next day's MATINEE THEATRE takes place at NBC Burbank studio 2.
jul 31 12 noon live broadcast of MATINEE THEATRE segment "Belong To Me". David is in makeup at 5:30 in the morning as 2 complete dress rehearsals are done before airtime. His character 'Paul Merrick' is described in the script as "a very attractive lean-faced man in his early 30’s". Janssen makes $500 for the week.
aug Shoots his first guest star appearance in a filmed television show -- an episode of YOU ARE THERE playing one of the Dalton Gang. This may account for the Aug 24th 20th Century-Fox TV 'start slip' he filled out.
oct-nov films LAFAYETTE ESCADRILLE at WB for director William Wellman.
dec shoots an episode of TV's "Conflict" for producer Roy Huggins. He still sports his thin moustache from the recently-completed Wellman movie.
dec spends Christmas with family in Big Bear.



shoots a “Zane Grey" TV episode with John Derek.




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