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Chapter 9  -  STARRING DAVID JANSSEN  (Jan 1957-Feb 1960)
    "a Diamond role, a diamond ring, and a new agent"

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begins production on his first TV series "Richard Diamond, Private Detective". It will be in and out of production for much of the year. Janssen squeezes in guest shots on TV's "Alcoa Theater", "Millionaire", and "Zane Grey" during hiatuses.

apr films 1 day of retakes on "Lafayette Escadrille", the Tab Hunter picture he did in late 1956.
jul "Richard Diamond" has its broadcast premiere.
oct meets Ellie Graham at men's store owner Sy Devore’s Halloween party.



moves to a North Hollywood duplex apartment. His neighbors are Richard and Mara Corday Long, 2 actor friends from his contact days at Universal.

jan-apr shoots more episodes of "Richard Diamond".
may goes to Palm Springs with girlfriend Ellie Graham.
may shoots an "Alcoa Theatre" episode with Jane Powell.
jun shoots a "Zane Grey" with Barbara Stanwyck
aug shoots a "Millionaire" episode.
aug marries Ellie Graham in Las Vegas.

moves to 2 bedroom apartment at 8911 Cynthia, West Hollywood.

dec shoots another "Zane Grey" with Stanwyck.



"Richard Diamond" is rushed back into production by CBS in a re-tooled version with a change of story locale to Hollywood.

feb travels to NY to do publicity for "Richard Diamond". Appears on TV's "Arthur Murray" and "Masquerade Party".
may signs with agent Abby Greshler, leaving the William Morris Agency.
jun appears in "Mr. Roberts" on stage in Dayton, Ohio.
jun with the Diamond show's future uncertain, signs to do a pilot "The Racers" to be directed by Ted Post. It is never filmed.
jul does an episode of "Westinghous-Desilu Playhouse".
aug does another stage run of "Mr. Roberts" in Cincinnati.
aug "Richard Diamond" is picked up by NBC and goes back into production for 26 episodes.
nov is pegged to play opposite Elizabeth Taylor in the big screen BUtterfield 8 after he finishes his "Diamond" commitment. Taylor has one picture remaining on her M-G-M contract and originally balks at playing the role, wishing to do CLEOPATRA at 20th Century-Fox instead. The studio acquiesces to her wish to have new husband Eddie Fisher play the Steve Carpenter "best friend" role and Janssen is bumped.



buys a Cadillac convertable.          

feb films his last "Richard Diamond" episode.


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