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Chapter 11  -  THE FUGITIVE   (Oct 1962-Mar 1967)
    "a career pinnacle"

Janssen has achieved a healthy modicum of acting success with a starring roles in some movies, one TV series, and as a top-billed guest star all behind him. But he's yet to find the one role to inhabit which will leave an indelible mark with the public and clearly define his potential as an actor. Then fate moves its huge hand...



oct 17 THE ELEVENTH HOUR episode "Make Me A Place" airs

Wanted poster from THE FUGITIVEOffered lead in a new TV series for Quinn Martin Productions called THE FUGITIVE.

Producer Quinn Martin: "Years ago, when I was a cutter at Universal I saw a lot of (Janssen). He struck me as a person who would never fade into the woodwork". Quinn selects him over actors like Anthony Franciosa, and James Franciscus and puts up his own money to buy him out of a pre- existing commitment with Paramount for the pilot.

On Janssen’s slowness to accept the offer: "I had doubts about the character--he was mostly negative-always running away. But we found ways to strengthen him."

nov 13 date of contract with QM for THE FUGITIVE.

mid nov

Accomplished director Walter Grauman has been signed to direct the pilot episode which will begin shooting at the end of the month in Tuscon, Arizona. Janssen has a lunch with the director and producer in Los Angeles before they leave to begin filming.

Grauman recalls, "Musso & Franks Grill (in Hollywood) was Quinn (Martin)’s place. David was in the front seat with Quinn driving. I was in the back. David turned to me and said, "Wally, you’re really going to have to help me; I’ve been used to doing "Richard Diamond", all this shallow shit. There’s a lot of character here with Richard Kimble. I don’t know whether I can act it."

nov 25 While Mr. Grauman is in Tuscon preparing the shooting, David and Ellie Janssen take the Quinn Martins to La Scala restaurant the day before he flies to Arizona to start work. Martin wires Walter Grauman after this dinner: "I’ve never seen a guy more enthused with a project. I feel were lucky having this guy" .
nov 26 Travels to Arizona in preparation for next day’s start of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot "Fear in A Desert City." Stays at the Santa Rita Hotel.
nov 27

1st day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot in Tuscon. Shoots the following:

THE FUGITIVE pilot - in the bus stationEXT. TERMINAL LOADING (DAY) Bus arrives-Kimble enters station.
Scenes 4A, 7, 6, 8.

EXT. BUS TERMINAL ENTRANCE (DAY) Kimble walks up street. Scenes 13, 14.

INT. BUS TERMINAL (D) Kimble walks through station. Scenes 9, 9A, 10, 11,12.

INT. BUS TERMINAL (NIGHT) Kimble gets tickets, Welles (Brain Keith) follows. Scenes 150,151,152, 154, 155,156,157,159,160,162.

EXT. BUS TERMINAL ENTRANCE (NIGHT) Kimble arrives with Monica (Vera Miles) and Mark (Donald Losby). Scene 149.

EXT. TERMINAL LOADING (NIGHT) Welles is killed. Scenes 161, 163 to 170.

During the filming of the fight scenes at the bus station with Brian Keith, Janssen injured his ribs when thrown against the bus, but continues to work and finishes the scene.

nov 28 2nd day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot in Tuscon, AZ.
nov 29 3rd day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot in Tuscon, AZ.
nov 30 4th day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot in Tuscon, AZ.
dec 1 5th day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot in Tuscon, AZ. Company travels back to Los Angeles after shooting this day.
dec 3 6th day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot, now working in Los Angeles.
dec 4 7th day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot.
dec 5 8th day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot.
dec 6

9th day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot. After shooting hotel room scenes in the studio all day (believed to be at ZIV studio not Goldwyn), the company moves off the studio lot at night to shoot scenes 177 to 179, the EXT. RR Yard.

This scene starts with Kimble stopping to feed a stray cat and ends with the image of Kimble walking away from camera in silhouette with suitcase in hand and the RR Xing sign in the foreground. A still frame from this shot is the recognizable image used under end credits during the 4-year run of the show. This scene is shot near the studio at the 7100 block of Willoughby between La Brea and Romaine in what is now the southern part of a full block shopping complex. The RR tracks were intact until the excavation for this project began in 2002.

dec 7 10th day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot in Hollywood. After a full day of studio shooting at Ziv, the company moved to the Fern Dell section of Griffith Park to shoot scene 4--Kimble running through a tree lined stream and falling into the water with handcuffs. Again this is a classic FUGITIVE image used to introduce the title card of THE FUGITIVE in all subsequent episodes during the 4 year run—a transition from the added effect of the glistening handcuffs.
(link to script page)
dec 10 Originally scheduled for 9 days, production spils over to Monday for this the 11th and final day of shooting on THE FUGITIVE pilot. Company shoots scenes in front of a process projection screen for most of the day at Ziv Studios, stage 3.

The INT. Train scene 2, is shot this day which has Kimble’s gray-wigged refection seen looking out the window and pulling back to reveal him and Gerard together "on route to the death house." Again, a memorable image for FUGITIVE fans as it is used in the weekly opening montage sequence.

Janssen makeup artist Jack Wilson had to reuse the grey wig that had gotten wet on Friday night's filming and has quite a time getting it to fit.

dec 12 With wife Ellie attends LA premiere of film "Long Day’s Journey Into Night" at the Huntington Hartford Theater on Vine. Are amongst the "last to arrive."
end dec Among the celebrities who fly chartered jet to Vegas for Debbie Reynolds’ Riviera Hotel opening.



apr 24
ABC announces THE FUGITIVE will be on its Fall TV schedule
jun 10 The first filmed episode after the pilot, "Decision In the Ring" (prod #4601), begins production.
jun 20

"The Girl From Little Egypt" #4602 begins.

In this episode featuring heavy backstory sequences, Janssen had to wear the brush cut grey wig that he'd also worn in the pilot. The actress who played his slain wife, Diane Brewster, recalled it was traumatic for him to put it on as he hated this older look of himself. Janssen had experienced this before: a classmate recalled a simiilar reaction when David had to go grey for one of the plays he did in high school with the Stagelighters.

jul 5 "Smoke Screen" #4603 begins.
jul 15 "The Witch" #4604 begins.
jul 24 "The Other Side of the Mountain" #4605 begins.
aug 2 "Never Wave Goodbye", a 2-parter, #4606-7 begins. The company shoots on location in Santa Barbara, CA from the 12th to the 14th.
aug 23 "See Hollywood and Die" #4608 begins.
sep 5 "Where the Action Is" #4609 begins.
sep 16 "Ticket To Alaska" #4610 begins.
sep 17 THE FUGITIVE has its premiere on ABC in the Tuesday 10pm time slot it will occupy for the next 4 years. The pilot episode "Fear In A Desert City" is aired.
sep 24 "Fatso" #4611 begins.
oct 3

"Nightmare At Northoak" #4612 begins.

David got burned while filming the schoolbus sequence and was treated by the set medic and continued to work.

oct 11 “Terror at High Point” #4613 begins.
oct 22 “Glass Tightrope” #4614 begins.
oct 31 "Come Watch Me Die" #4615 begins.
nov 11 "Home is the Hunted" #4616 begins.
nov 19 "The Garden House" #4617 begins. The news of the President Kennedy assasination reaches the company while shooting this episode.
dec 3 "Search in a Windy City" #4618 begins.
dec 11 "Bloodline" #4619 begins.



jan 2
"Rat in a Corner" #4620 begins.
jan 13 "Angels Travel on Lonely Roads", a 2-parter, #4621-2 begins.
jan 30 "Flight From the Final Demon" #4623 begins.
feb 10 "Taps For A Dead War" #4624 begins.
feb 19 "Somebody To Remember" #4625 begins.
feb 22 Makes the cover of "TV Guide" for the first time.
feb 27 "Never Stop Running" #4626 begins.
mar 9 "The Homecoming" #4627 begins.
mar 17 "Storm Center" #4628 begins.
mar 27 "The End Game" #4629 begins on Janssen's 33rd birthday.
apr 3 "The End Game", the last filmed 1st season episode is completed. THE FUGITIVE has a hiatus of 5 weeks.
apr 17 Co-winner with Inger Stevens for a TV Guide award as favorite TV performer. The ceremony is broadcast as A Bob Hope Special. "The Fugitive" is awarded the 'Favorite New Series.'
apr 23 takes a two week vacation with wife Ellie. Goes to Puerto Rico and visits Fugitive producer Arthur Fellows and wife Phyllis who are on their honeymoon there. David says it's "the first vacation I've ever taken in my adult life. I don't know what to do. I'm like a kid with a penny in front of a candy shop wondering what to buy. I've never had a vacation because I was either working or looking for a job. I never really felt secure enough before to just take off...."
apr 28 Janssen's 1st Emmy nomination is announced for 'continued perfomance by an actor in a leading role of a series' with the ceremony a month away.
may 11

Second season episodes begin filming with “Nemesis” #4651. Part of the shooting is out-of-town on location in Running Springs, CA.

Actor Kid Chissell recalls them staying at Walter Huston's lodge and dining with Janssen who asked the group at the table if they'd ever had a bottle of a certain expensive wine. Dave ordered 2 bottles and charged it to the production and the production manager was up in arms the next day.

may 20 “World’s End” #4652 begins.
may 25

Emmy Awards night. David attends as a nominee with wife Ellie and is also a presenter. His seriousness and awkwardness over how to exit causes host Joey Bishop to comment, "Do you get the feeling David Janssen wasn't too happy to be here?".

For this years award Janssen's category has dramatic and comedy shows lumped together. He loses to Dick Van Dyke. The following year separate categories are established. One wonders if he would have won had they been established this year.

may 29 “Escape into Black” #4653 begins.
jun 9 “Man in a Chariot” #4654 begins.
jun 18

“Dark Corner” #4655 begins.

jun 29 “Cry Uncle” #4656 begins.
jul 6 mother Berniece visits the Fugitive set bringing some Graf relatives. It's the first time she's seen her son in 19 months.
jul 9 “Man on a String” #4657 begins.
jul 21 “Devil’s Carnival” #4658 begins.
jul 31

“When the Bough Breaks” #4659 begins.

early aug this month finally hosts a housewarming party at the Trousdale Estate home they've been in for over 3 years. After moving in some record rainfalls had done damage to the house and grounds but all had finally been repaired. Among those attending are Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Joey Bishop, Jackie Cooper, Lucille Ball, and Paul Burke.
aug 3 shoots an Allstate promotional commercial on the Fugitive set.
aug 11 “Tiger Left, Tiger Right” #4660 begins.
aug 20 “Tug of War” #4661 begins.
aug 30 films a guest appearance for ABC'S "Wide World of Entertainment" at the Hollywood Palace. He's paid $2000. This is a Fall Season preview show for the network and on it he sings a musical number with Mickey Rooney and Bing Crosby.
aug 31 “The Cage” #4662 begins.
sep purchases a weekend getaway in Palm Springs on the 14th hole of the Canyon Country Club. It will be used alot over the next 4 years of ownership. Wife Ellie calls it, "The best idea we've had in some time. The minute we take off for the Springs, David begins to unwind."
sep 10

“Fun and Games and Party Favors” #4663 begins. In an unbilled performance, a Carol Connors will have a small role in this episode. Her role in Janssen's life will unfold in 12 years.

"Look" magazine still photographer Earl Theisen is on set for this episode, and covers the actor generously over the next two months. Photos are taken during the filming of 3 other FUGITIVE shows, at his Beverly Hills home, and also at a taping of the Dinah Shore special which he does in October. It results in a photo essay on Janssen which does not get published until May 18, 1965.

sep 18 “The End Is But the Beginning” #4664 begins.
sep 23

Actor Robert Yuro and Janssen work together in front of a process screen at Stage 2 of Goldwyn Studios on "The End Is But the Beginning".

Neither is aware that a 22-year old ingenue in the early stages of her Hollywood career will be a significant romantic interest for both of them.

Rosemary Forsyth and Janssen work together on WHERE IT'S AT in 1968 and start a relationship lasting several years.

Yuro, who eventually segues from acting to a career in Los Angeles restaurant ownership, has had a long union with the stylish blond which continues into the present.

Like Rosemary, Yuro had a spirited romantic past. He was married to actress Deborah Winters in 1974, having worked with Forsyth on a "Mannix" episode just a few months earlier.

sep 29 "Corner of Hell" #4665 begins.
oct 8 “The Iron Maiden” #4666 begins.
oct 19 “Detour on a Road Going Nowhere” #4667 begins.
oct 29

"Ballad For A Ghost" #4668 begins.

applies and is approved for membership at the Canyon Country Club near his new Palm Springs home. Is given member number 393.

nov 9 “Masquerade” #4669 begins.
nov 18

“Nicest Fella You’d Ever Want to Meet” #4670 begins.

nov 30 "Brass Ring" #4671 begins.
dec 10 "Scapegoat" #4672 begins.
dec 18 on Christmas hiatus, David and Ellie go to their new Palm Springs home for a week.



jan 4

“Moon Child” #4673 begins.

jan 14 “The Survivors” #4674 begins.
jan 25 “Everybody Gets Hit in the Mouth Sometime” #4675 begins.
feb 3 "May God Have Mercy" #4676 begins.
feb 12 “Runner in the Dark” #4677 begins.
feb 23 “A.P.B.” #4678 begins.
mar 3 After finishing his THE FUGITIVE filming, Janssen is wisked to the recording studios at Columbia Records where he is recorded for the narration of an LP, "The Hidden Island".
mar 4 “The Old Man Picked a Lemon” #4679 begins.
mar 11 Janssen gets a reprieve from filming to attend a Photoplay awards ceremony in NYC where he gets a Special Editors awards. (photo)
mar 15 “Last Second of a Big Dream” #4680 begins.
mar 24

“Wings of an Angel” #4701 begins. This is a 3rd season episode which gets filmed continuous to the 2nd season production schedule. After this episode the production begins a very short hiatus of 3-1/2 weeks before resuming filming on season 3.

apr 29 Third season episodes continue with “Set Fire to a Straw Man” #4702
may 7 “Three Cheers for Little Boy Blue” #4703 begins.
may 19 “Conspiracy of Silence” #4704 begins.
may 27 “Crack in a Crystal Ball” #4705 begins.
jun 8 “Trial by Fire” #4706 begins.
jun 17 “Landscape with Running Figures”, a 2-parter, #4707-8 begins.
jul 8 “Middle of the Heat Wave” #4709 begins.
jul 19 “An Apple a Day” #4710 begins.
jul 28 “Coralee” #4711 begins.
aug 6 "When the Wind Blows" #4712 begins.
aug 17 “All the Scared Rabbits” #4713 begins.
aug 26 “The Good Guys and the Bad Guys” #4714 begins.
sep 7 “Stroke of Genius” #4715 begins.
sep 16 “Wife Killer” #4716 begins.
sep 27

"The End of the Line” #4717 begins.

Below, Janssen studies his script at the Goldwyn Studios during this episode.

oct 6

“Stranger in the Mirror” #4718 begins.

oct 15 “Shadow of the Swan” #4719 begins.
oct 26 "Not With A Whimper" #4720 begins. Janssen receives a gift from the production--a motor home/dressing room which David will use the rest of his career. It gets coined 'The Silver Bullet'.
nov 5 “Echo of a Nightmare” #4721 begins.
nov 16 “This’ll Kill You” #4722 begins.
nov 26 “Running Scared” #4723 begins.
dec 7 “The 2130” #4724 begins.
dec 16

“The Chinese Sunset” #4725 begins.



jan 3
“Ill Wind” #4726 begins.
jan 13 “With Strings Attached” #4727 begins.
jan 24

“The White Knight” #4728 begins.

jan 31 Janssen and Honey West's Anne Francis receive Golden Globes in a ceremony held in Hollywood. Janssen is 'Most Popular Male TV Personality.'
feb 3 “A Taste of Tomorrow” #4729 begins.
feb 14

“In a Plain Paper Wrapper” #4730 begins.

click to enlarge

feb 22 “In a Plain Paper Wrapper”, the last filmed 3rd season episode is completed. After almost 10 months of continuous filming, THE FUGITIVE shuts down for a generous hiatus of almost 13 weeks.
mar 7 Producer Howard Koch Sr. hosts a cocktail party reception at Paramount Studios to announce Janssen as star of a new feature film WARNING SHOT, to film during the FUGITIVE hiatus. Shooting will start in early April so there will be only a few weeks for him to recharge his batteries. It's his first movie since a supporting role in 1962's MY SIX LOVES. His signing on indicates he is looking beyond his post-TV series life and wants to make some inroads in establishing a feature film career.
apr-may WARNING SHOT is in production in Los Angeles with Janssen presiding over a large cast of glorified cameos. In it, he's a police detective trying to beat a murder wrap. Accused of killing a doctor, it's an all-too familiar spin on the turf he's been treading on THE FUGITIVE.
may 23 THE FUGITIVE resumes. Fourth and final season episodes begin filming with “The Last Oasis” #4751. He's completed WARNING SHOT just last week.
jun 2 “Second Sight” #4752 begins.
jun 13 “Death is the Door Prize” #4753 begins.
jun 22 “A Clean and Quiet Town” #4754 begins.
jul 1 “The Blessings of Liberty” #4755 begins.
jul 13 “Joshua’s Kingdom” #4756 begins.
jul 22 “The Sharp Edge of Chivalry” #4757 begins.
aug 2 “Nobody Loses All the Time” #4758 begins.
aug 11 “Ten Thousand Pieces of Silver” #4759 begins.
mid aug receives an award from Ecran magazine based in Santiago Chile as the 'most popular star in South America.' (photo)
aug 22 “Wine Is a Traitor” #4760 begins.
aug 31 “Approach with Care” #4761 begins.
sep 12 “The Devil’s Disciples” #4762 begins.
sep 22 “Right in the Middle of the Season” #4763 begins.
oct 3 “Run the Man Down” #4764 begins.
oct 13 “The One that Got Away” #4765 begins (estimate).
oct 25 “The Other Side of the Coin” #4766 begins (estimate).
nov 3 “The Evil Men Do” #4767 begins.
nov 14 “The Breaking of the Habit” #4768 begins.
nov 23 “Concrete Evidence” #4769 begins.
dec 5

“There Goes the Ballgame” #4770 begins.

Hör Zu magazine, a West German publication, votes Janssen the most popular foreign TV star of the year and invites Janssen and his wife to an Awards ceremony in Berlin on Jan 12. His Fugitive schedule does not permit the trip and he instead will have it presented to him on the set. (photo)

dec 14 “The Ivy Maze” #4771 begins.



jan 3

“Goodbye My Love” #4772 begins (estimate).

jan 12 “Passage to Helena” #4773 begins (estimate).
jan 23 “The Savage Street” #4774 begins (estimate).
feb 1 “Death of a Very Small Killer” #4775 begins (estimate).
feb 10 “Dossier on a Diplomat” #4776 begins.
feb 21 “The Walls of Night” #4777 begins.
mar 2 “The Shattered Silence” #4778 begins.
mar 13

“The Judgment" #4779-80, the 2-part conclusion of 4 years of running, begins filming.

mar 15 receives 45th Annual Photoplay Gold Medal award as 1966 actor of the year. Janssen's shooting schedule is accomodated so that he can fly to NY and appear on the "Merv Griffith Show" taping ceremony.
mar 31

the day the running stopped filming.

Dr. RIchard Kimble and Jean Carlisle walk towards an uncertain but hopeful future as THE FUGITIVE fades out. Simultaneously, David Janssen and wife Ellie fade in on a wealth of promising possiblities now that the 4-year run which transformed the actor from a name into a respected celebrity has comes to a close.

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