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Chapter 18  -  EPILOG  (after Feb 1980)
    "the postscript"

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feb 17
memorial service at Hillside Memorial Park in Culver City. Eulogized by Richard Lang, Suzanne Pleshette, Paul Ziffrin, and Quinn Martin. Widow Dani attends an Irish-style wake at the home of Stan Herman and Linda Evans after the service.
mar 3 "Father Damien" resumes filming with Ken Howard replacing Janssen in the role less that 3 weeks after his death.
mar 30

Janssen's TV movie "City In Fear' is broadcast on NBC.

John O'Connor of "The New York Times" reviews: "Mr. Janssen, looking tired, a bit bloated and bleary-eyed, turns in another of his typiclal performances, always commanding attention and frequently admiration....His final scene is unexpectedly touching. Threatening to buck (his publisher/boss) he is told, ‘You do and you’re finished’. ‘I’m already finished’, he says. The sympathetic wife of the publisher assures him, ‘Something else will come along’. “Yeah”, he growls, “it always does, doesn’t it?”. And Mr. Janssen, exceptional in many ways, walks off into the television night. One can almost hear the typewriters clicking away on the first drafts for a television movie called “The David Janssen Story”.

apr mother Berniece Janssen wishes to launch a case contesting her son's will which she's convinced is phony and tries to get a groundswell of support for this over the next few months. Lawyer Marvin Mitchelson will in early June decline to handle the matter citing not sufficient basis.
may 22 Dani sells the mobile Janssen motor home, the Silver Bullet, for $2500. It's sold to Janssen's Army buddy Pete Wilson.
jun 1 Dani begins to rent the Malibu beach house for $3500 monthy.


"Inchon!", Janssen's last feature film has its first U.S. screening, over a year and a half after he does the role. Already drowning in the controversy of its reputed 'Moonies' funding source, the movie's D.C. Kennedy Center screening goes poorly. The "Variety" critic calls Janssen 'simply ludicrious'. This 140-minute version is never released and is sent back to the editing room. When the film does has a very limited theatrical run late the following year, Janssen is completely edited out of the film.
jun 28 Dani marries stuntman Hal Needham on the backlot Western Street of Universal Studios. They met late February at a screening of “Cannonball Run” which Needman directed.


may 11
receives a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 5pm ceremony is hosted by Johhny Grant and attended by mother Berniece and ex-wife Ellie, who flies in from Florida where she is living. Dani does not attend. The star exists today in front of 7011 Hollywood Boulevard. The campaign to get the Chamber of Congress to approve the star is spearheaded by Ken Custer and by a Janssen fan David Brown of Richardson, TX.


nov 5

natural father Harold Edward Meyer dies in Arizona at the age of 84. It may be that he and David never saw each other again after his visit to the Chicago theater where David was appearing in the play "The Gazebo" in June 1960.


sep 19
Berniece returns to Naponee, NE and to the house that David Janssen was born in. The occasion is the David Janssen Fan Club convention organized by Texas Bob Reinhardt.



The movie version of Janssen's hit TV series THE FUGITIVE has finally begun production after delays, script re-writes and casting changes.

Harrison Ford has taken the Dr. Richard Kimble part and Tommy Lee Jones the Lt. Gerard duties.

In a kind homage, Berniece Janssen is flown from her California home to the film's shooting location of Chicago for a bit part.

It is originally intended that she plays a landlady who rents a room to Kimble, but when that scene is omitted, she finds herself as a spectator in the courtroom.


nov 26
mother Berniece dies in the Motion Picture Country Hospital in Woodland Hills, CA at the age of 85.


mar 30
stepfather Eugene Janssen, who had remarried and was living in Inglewood, CA dies.


jul 9
ex-wife Ellie Janssen, who never remarried, dies in Portland, OR. She was 78.



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