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School Years (2 films):


It's A Pleasure (1945)

filmed August 1944

13-year old Dave Janssen makes his film debut.

Swamp Fire (1946)

filmed October-November 1945



Universal-International Contract (18 films):


Untamed Frontier (1952)

filmed November 1951

Pictured with Suzan Ball, Scott Brady kneeling foreground.


Francis Goes To West Point  (1952)

filmed December 1951

Shaking hands with Donald O'Connor.


No Room For the Groom (1952)

filmed February 1952

NOTE: Janssen's scenes were cut out of the release version of this film. This wardrobe ID still is the only known image to exist.

Yankee Buccaneer   (1952)

filmed February-March 1952

Pictured with Jeff Chandler at left.


Bonzo Goes To College (1952)

filmed April 1952


Willie and Joe Back At the Front (1952)

filmed May 1952

Janssen's scene in this military comedy took a little over an hour to film and lasts 19 seconds on the screen.

Two weeks after filming, the real military beckoned and Dave was absent from the screen for 2 years.

Chief Crazy Horse (1955)

filmed June-July 1954

This was Janssen's first film assignment after completing a 2 year stint in the Army.

He worked on location in South Dakota.


To Hell and Back (1955)

filmed September 1954

Worked on location in Yakima, Washington on this film.

Pictured with the star of the film Audie Murphy.


Cult of the Cobra (1955)

filmed October-November 1954


All That Heaven Allows (1956)

filmed January 1955


The Private War of Major Benson (1955)

filmed January 1955


Francis In the Navy (1955)

filmed February-March 1955


Never Say Goodbye (1956)

filmed April 1955


Away All Boats (1956)

filmed June 1955


The Square Jungle (1956)

filmed June-July 1955

Looking towards Pat Crowley.


Showdown At Abilene (1956)

filmed September 1955


The Toy Tiger (1956)

filmed November 1955-January 1956

Pictured again with Jeff Chandler.


Francis In the Haunted House (1956)

filmed February-March 1956

Janssen was released from his U-I contract soon after completing this film starring Mickey Rooney.



Warner Brothers (2 films):


The Girl He Left Behind (1956)

filmed May-June 1956

Pictured with Natalie Wood.

Lafayette Escadrille (1958)

filmed October-November 1956

Pictured with Tab Hunter.


pre-Fugitive (8 films):


Hell To Eternity (1960)

filmed February-March 1960

He will carry another Southeast Asian child in another movie at the end of this decade.


Dondi (1960)

filmed July-August 1960

David Kory played the title role.


Ring of Fire (1961)

filmed September-October 1960

Pictured with Joyce Taylor.

King of the Roaring Twenties (1961)

filmed November 1960

Pictured with Mickey Rooney.

Belle Sommers (1962)

filmed December 1960

This unsold TV pilot found a second life as a theatrical feature.

Twenty Plus Two (1961)

filmed January-February 1961

Pictured with Agnes Moorehead before her Endora role on "Bewitched".

Man-Trap (1961)

filmed March-April 1961

Pictured with Stella Stevens.

My Six Loves (1963)

filmed March-May 1962

Pictured with Debbie Reynolds.


Fugitive and beyond (14 films):




Warning Shot (1967)

filmed April-May 1966

Janssen films this movie, cast stereotypically as a man "falsely accused", in the short hiatus between the 3rd and 4th seasons of THE FUGITIVE.


The Green Berets (1968)

filmed August-October 1967

Though in a supporting role, Janssen is at the height of his fame during this film getting more local attention on the Columbus, GA location than does the star, John Wayne.

THE FUGITIVE 2-part conclusion is broadcast during the filming.


The Shoes of the Fisherman (1968)

filmed February-March 1968

Janssen travels to Rome for this Anthony Quinn film. His role, like in THE GREEN BERETS, is as a news journalist and he services the film in a subplot.



Where It's At (1969)

filmed June-July 1968

Janssen stars and meets co-star Rosemary Forsyth during this film. They began a 2 year relationship which costs him his marriage of 10 years to Ellie Graham.


Marooned (1969)

filmed December 1968-February 1969

In a heroic role, Janssen plays an astronaut sent to save 3 others stranded in space. In this scene he challenges Gregory Peck's conservatism regarding the launching of the rescue attempt.


Generation (1969)

filmed March-May 1969

With actor Pete Duel in a scene filmed at New York's Kennedy Airport.

This film gives him a chance to show his flair for comedy.


Macho Callahan (1970)

filmed December 1969-February 1970

Janssen grows a beard and takes this "oater" filmed in Mexico before his divorce proceedings get into full gear stateside.



Prisoner In the Middle (1977)

filmed November-December 1972

David travels to Israel and returns to the big screen after a TV failure with O'HARA, UNITED STATES TREASURY.

This film doesn't help raise his stock. Its US release is years after it's completed.

Once Is Not Enough (1975)

filmed March-April 1974

Janssen plays a hard-drinking writer.

In it he gets to enjoy the company of Deborah Raffin, here riding bikes in New York's Central Park.

This occurs after filming the 2 pilots for HARRY O and before the series begins production.

The Swiss Conspiracy (1977)

filmed May-July 1975

Showing workaholic tendencies, he completes this forgetable "B" movie in Switzerland in his hiatus between seasons 1 and 2 of HARRY O.

Elke Sommers co-stars.

Two-Minute Warning (1976)

filmed February-March 1976

Newly-married Janssen films his part in this big ensemble cast movie right after completing his last HARRY O show.

Co-star Gena Rowlands is one of the professional enticements for signing on.

This is his last movie for a major Hollywood studio.


Golden Rendezvous (1977)

filmed April-May 1977

The South Africa location of this movie serves to help David flee from temporary domestic woes at home with wife Dani.

He takes third billing under Richard Harris and Ann Turkel (pictured).


Covert Action (1978)

filmed January-February 1978

Fans of David Janssen wince when this photo is published in "People" magazine. It shows him in a scene from another obsure European movie (filming in Italy & Greece).

His career seems to be in freefall. Two high profile US miniseries, THE WORD and CENTENNIAL, will come to his rescue later this year.

Inchon (1981)

filmed August-September 1979

Janssen is among the large cast who is paid extremely well to film this bad war epic in South Korea.

Again playing a newsman, his contribution is determined to be non-essential. He is cut out of the movie and it is released after his death.




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