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Restoration of the Silver Bullet - the interior  

page 1 (the exterior)       page 3 (mechanical)


historic photo - 1971

Above is the basic configuration of the Streamline 5028 with the exception that Janssen's was the 30-10 model, with a double bed in the rear, not 2 twin beds.

In the front of the coach, forward of the entry door is a dinette on the passenger side and a divan on the driver's.  These occupy the space behind the passenger and driver's seats respectively.

Opposite the entry door is a 4-burner stovetop/microwave and a sink. There is no oven.

Aft of the entry door on the passenger side is the refrigerator followed by an enclosed shower. On the driver's side, behind the sink/oven is an enclosed toilet/lavatory.

The rear quarter of the vehicle is the bedroom with built-in a dresser, headboard, and closets.

Janssen studies his O'HARA US TREASURY script on the Universal lot. He is seated at his dinette, which has been modified.

The drop leaf table he is leaning on may be original. And the rear view mirror and some of the curtains have survived. This is a good reference for the fabric of the cushions which will need to be reproduced.



WIDE VIEW -front half of the coach. Note the sink's 4 cut holes.

WIDE VIEW -back half of the coach looking towards the back bedroom.

historical photo -1978


A crew party in David's trailer - not an uncommon occurance. This one is a birthday celebration during a Los Angeles workday on his miniseries THE WORD. Director Richard Lang is the bearded man on left.

Dinette cushions are set into a bench seating frame uphostered in brown leather.


A similar view to the preceding photo.

A rebuilt dinette was added by the last owner. The passenger seat as seen is also not original. Missing also are conical wall fixtures, wiring for which can be seen at right of photo.

One question is was there even built-in cabinets above the dinette as is indicated in the plan.

brochure reference - 1965

reference - another owner

This Streamline brochure photo is a good example of the how the dinette looked originally.

An owner of a Streamline in New Jersey has an original set in blue. We wonder if the tall back passenger chair is original.



steering wheel and original driver's console:

radio is a Pioneer AM-FM cassette player. Original?

-odometer (detached in left circle) revealed 66,394.4 miles when the coach was received.

-gauges in right circle are fuel level, oil, and temperature readings.

-toggle switches are for the wipers, lights, the heater, battery charger, the generator, selection of the 2 fuel tanks.

- a knob turns on emergency flashers

center of the dashboard:

-cigarette lighter and 2 ashtrays which got much action in the Janssen era.

-a clock occupied the empty space where there is now a cutout

-the gold carpet is believed to be original (to be confirmed). This raised section beneath the grill raises up for access to the engine.


current - detail


current - detail

The 3-speed transmision selector on the steering column.


Storage cabinets above the front windshield. Are speakers recessed on the outside corners?

Mirrors surely not original.

The center section, missing a cover, housed the actor/audiophile's sound equipment -- a KLH model 27 AM-FM receiver, and a Concord F-120 stereo cassette autochanger were with the coach at the end of Janssen's life.

A blowup of the missing clock on the dashboard. We'd like to find one for the restoration.



historical photo -1978

The divan area shows a wooden structure added by the last owner. It invades the wall plug behind it.

A low metal trimmed divider behind the driver's seat is original based on the next photo.

On a different day on the shooting of THE WORD.

The missing wall lamps can be seen. Curtains with tiebacks not only cover the windows but also span the front of the coach to give privacy to the living area. They are hung beyond a vertical soffit which can be seen in both this and the preceding current photo.

historic photo - detail

historic photo - detail

historic photo - detail

This 1978 photo shows proof of a 2nd vertical wooden post which went between the kitchen countertop and the upper kitchen cabinets. Only one currently exists (see photo above).

From Janssen's coach in 1978.

Best photo which exists of the divan's cushions.


Date and people unknown.This is a good resource for the original driver's seat, similar to the brochure below.

It also indicates that there were no built-in cabinets above the divan. Janssen rotated personal photos here and elsewhere around the coach.



brochure reference - 1965

A tapered leg of the divan.

At left is from the mid 60's brochure. At right is a recent view from another restored unit. These indicate the seating area behind the driver's seat in these coaches were more like a piece of furnature than a built-in.

More support for the sofa being "sparse" in look.

The front seats repeat the leather and diamond-tuck pattern of the dinette.





The present day kitchen - left side.

A Magic Chef 4-burner stovetop sits above a Sharp Carousel II convection oven/microwave. We are trying to learn what originally went here. The hinged cover for the stovetop is a butcher block cutting board. Ceramic knob pulls probably not original.

A photo of David in a 1955 Universal-international acting class with Clint Eastwood and others once occupied a space where there is now a pencil sharpener!


The present day kitchen - right side.

Note the sole post at right in photo. Originally another went closer to the wall.

The seemingly matching cabinets which extend along the floor to the right are confusing to us as they don't support the suspicion that the couch had legs which went to the floor.






Another view of the upper cabinets built-in above the sink and stovetop.

Need to verify originality of wooden wallplates.

The refrigerator, on the opposite side, is a

Elixer Trav'ler gas/electric model #302-90. Original? One reference photo (not published) shows there may have been a larger unit with 2 doors originally.

Janssen's ice demands were so great that an additonal icemaker was added in a bedroom closet.


Cabinets are above and below the refrigerator and a skinny broom closet is to its right.

Is there a speaker behind the octagonal insert on the upper cabinet? There is also one in the kitchen galley.




Shower -view 1

Glass bubble light fixture at right may not be original.

Shower - view 2

Janssen saw fit to forsake keeping this space for its intended use and instead converted the whole stall into liquor and wine storage.


Mid-coach - this was the only way in or out.




Toilet closet - view 1

Wallcovering is a weaved straw-like material - a detal repeated on the narrow medicine cabinet sliding doors.

Toilet closet - view 2

Ceiling liner is a thin brown carpet. Light fixture is damaged, most likely from too strong a bulb.


Condition of ceiling

Much discoloration exists. Will need to determine if can be cleaned or if should be painted over.




Hallway view into the back bedroom.

Closets are on either side as you enter the compartment. One was no doubt used to "set up" David Janssen's wardrobe changes on each shooting day - perhaps on the hook on the left closet door?

Top storage cabinets span 3 of the back walls.

The built-in headboard and dresser.

Bed size is 54 x 75.

Again doubt these white ceramic drawer pulls are original. In addition to the aforementioned ice machine, an earlier bulky version of a cell phone -- more like a ship-to-shore radio was kept somewhere in the bedroom area.


original decoration

original decoration

the right bedroom closet

it contains the electrical panel.

This poster hung in the bus during the "HARRY O" years. "In the Valley" refers to the San Fernando Valley and Burbank where the series was shot.

An additional poster. Unknown who gifted them to Janssen, but both have been recovered and will be rehung in the bus.

historic photo - detail

historic photo - detail

notes about ceiling openings and attachments

An example of one of the 4 missing conical lights which we'd like to find and replace. These were still on the bus when it was sold in the early 90's but have since disappeared.

They go on either side of the 2 windows above the couch and the dinette.

The sink originally had 4 lipped white inserts, now missing, where there are now cut holes.

They were the repository for scotch, gin, bourbon, and vodka - always on hand.


From front to back here is what is on the ceiling--

driving/front seating area:

1) A/C unit "MARK IV" / black plastic

2) skylight /airvent

3) light fixture (2 lights)

kitchen/shower/bathroom area:

4) Coleman select-a-heat Mach "El" unit / off-white plastic

5) light fixture (2 lights)

6) airvent

back bedroom:

7) another Coleman select-a-heat Mach "El" unit / off-white plastic

8) light fixture (single light)

9) airvent



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