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Chapter 10  -  TRYING MOVIE STARDOM  (Feb 1960-Oct 1962)
    "more silver-plate than silver on the screen"

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leaves for Okinawa and films a role in the war picture for Allied Artists "Hell To Eternity". It is his first trip out of the country. He will receive great notices for this work when the picture is released in late September.                

jun-jul does a theatre stint in Chicago in the play "The Gazebo". Sees his natural father for the first time in many years.
jul-aug films "Dondi", the first film on which he receives 1st position billing. It's a turkey.
sep maternal great-grandmother dies age 102.
sep-oct films "Ring of Fire" in Washington state.
oct "Macao", a pilot with producer Tony Owen is planned but abandoned.
nov films "King of Roaring 20’s" for AA.
dec films a pilot "The Insider" with Polly Bergen. It is not sold as a series and is instead released theatrically as "Belle Sommers" despite its short running length.




films "Twenty Plus Two", his last picture for Allied Artists.           

mar-apr  films "Man Trap" for Paramount.
apr   moves with wife Ellie to a new home in the new Trousdale Estates development in Beverly Hills.
aug  shoots a "Naked City"episode in New York City.
sep    shoots an episode of "Adventures In Paradise".
oct shoots guest spot on "Target: The Corruptors".
oct shoots "GE Theater" with Ronald Reagan.
dec    shoots a "Checkmate".




shoots an episode of "Follow The Sun".          

feb guest stars on "Cains 100".
mar-may films movie "My Six Loves" for Paramount in a supporting role with Debbie Reynolds.
may David’s mother and stepfather separate.
jul shoots an episode of "Eleventh Hour", then goes right into a "Route 66" which films in Astoria, Oregon.
fall develops an ulcer while unemployed. Is able to get rid of it on his own:
"Thinking causes ulcers--thinking gets rid on ulcers. I thought mine away." (from TV Guide 3/6/65)
sep 21 "Route 66" episode "One Tiger To A Hill" airs.


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